The Paleo Diet: Practical Tips for the Modern Cavewoman

paleo diet

Is the Paleo diet so easy a cavewoman could do it? Read on to find out! Most of us know that anything you have to order by shouting at a speaker in a fast-food drive-through does not constitute healthy eating. But with the plethora of diet plans available these days, it's a daily challenge to know what's right, […]

Weight Loss Reality Check

Weight loss

Nutritional expert and personal trainer Richelle Melde doesn't mince words when it comes to healthy weight loss. Owner of Ultimate Body Boot Camp, Richelle shares her no-holds-barred advice on losing that weight — for good! I have some great news for you — you are not as overweight as you think! In fact, a lot of the weight […]

Weight Loss Myths – Busted!

Besides asking us pointblank every time she sees us if we’ve eaten breakfast (and us invariably shooting back the question “Does coffee count?”), Richelle Melde, owner of Ultimate Body Boot Camp is our ultimate get-fit motivator. Here she debunks the weight loss myths keeping us from shedding those extra pounds and keeping healthy. We have […]

Bikini Body Tips from Olympian Misty Hyman

misty hyman fitness tips

You don’t have to be an Olympian to whip your body into shape. Gold medalist Misty Hyman, who serves as a swim coach at Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain, shares her top tips for a strong and kick-bootie bikini body. Multi-Task Your Workout: In the water you can accomplish your cardio, strength training, build your lung […]

Hot Yoga 101

Hot Yoga

What’s this 105-degree slimming and detoxing hot yoga thing everyone is raving about? For those who have never practiced hot yoga or any type of yoga at all, twisting your body into crazy-looking postures while dripping with sweat may sound a bit over the top. So what is hot yoga? In search of answers, we […]

Busted: Six HCG Diet Myths

It’s been around some 50 years yet still stirs up a mound of controversy at the mere mention of its now trendy initials. The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) weight loss program works by stimulating the brain to release stored fat rather than muscle while on a low-calorie, restricted-fat diet plan. While the FDA still has […]