Give Peas A Chance Eye Mask

Green relief for swollen, puffy eyes. I could never eat peas as a kid. Ugh, just the thought of those mushy little legumes made my throat close up in fear. Now as a bona fide grownup, peas don’t scare me so much, especially because of their handy use as an ice pack. Frozen peas can […]

Three DIY Anti-Aging Facial Masks

anti-aging honey facial mask

When it comes to keeping wrinkles to a minimum, liberal use of sunscreen and healthy lifestyle habits are your first defense. Your second line of defense is a daily moisturizer that works with your skin type and keeps skin hydrated and protected. Third in line is the occasional facial mask to give skin a healthy […]

Alexis Wolfer’s Rejuvenating Eye Mask

diy eye mask

Revive tired eyes with this beauty expert’s DIY eye mask. Beauty expert and creator of The Beauty Bean Alexis Wolfer has just debuted her first book, “The Recipe for Radiance: Discover Beauty’s Best-Kept Secrets in Your Kitchen” and she generously shared one of her coveted recipes with us. “The Recipe for Radiance” boasts 130+ all-natural DIY beauty and food recipes—with […]

Morning After Cooling Eye Gel

Cucumber Eye Treatment

A soothing, all-natural treatment for tired eyes. Did you overdo it (again)? Not to worry! We have a simple and inexpensive way to perk up the signs of overworked, tired or partied-too-hard peepers. This cooling DIY eye treatment soothes and decreases inflammation with the dynamic duo power of aloe vera gel and fresh cucumber. The […]

Potato Eye Mask Bombs for Dark Circles

potato eye mask

Give dark circles the boot with this simple potato eye mask recipe. Don’t ask me why, but this simple cure for dark under-eye circles really works. It could be the tons of minerals that the tater accumulates in its early life underground. Or it could be the huge amounts of Vitamin C packed in the […]

Sight for Sore Eyes Home Spa Remedy

Home remedy for puffy eyes

This home spa remedy offers relief for tired, puffy eyes. No one needs to know that you stayed up to the wee hours of the night engrossed in a Nicholas Sparks movie marathon. That’s your business. But telltale signs like swollen, puffy eyes might blow your cover. Late nights, allergies and even that good tearjerker […]

Stay Cool as a Cuke with Summer’s Favorite Fruit

Spa-inspired beauty uses of the cucumber. Besides its regular appearance in salads and sushi rolls, the cucumber has taken on another role as the universal symbol for spa. Think woman in a white robe with two cucumber slices over her eyes. See? And it’s no wonder. Protected by a green rind, the Cucumis sativus hides […]

Tried-and-True Cucumber Soak

Cucumber Eye Mask

Okay, it’s not just a wives’ tale … cucumbers really do help relieve puffiness, sore eyes and eye fatigue. Cukes have a high water content, which helps soothe and cool eyes. The trace amounts of salt helps draw excess water from the tissue surrounding the eyes, reducing puffiness. They also help to tone and firm […]