Relaxation and rejuvenation is not just a luxury–it’s the soul’s requirement for a life in check. That’s why Arizona Spa Girls is dedicated to making personal restoration accessible. Whether you treat yourself to a $15 manicure or a $300 day package, have a week to retreat or an hour to escape, you’ll always benefit from taking time out for yourself. That’s why our Salon & Spa Directory includes everything from 3,000-square-foot resort spas to your neighborhood mom-and-pop shops. We dig up rockin’ Salon & Spas Deals so that you can try out a new place or find the perfect hair stylist without breaking the bank. And our DIY Beauty Lab has home spa recipes and party ideas to help you sprinkle the spa experience into your everyday life.

Journey is King

When you take care of yourself, you cannot help but become a better, friend, wife, mother, daughter, neighbor, employee, person. You already knew that, which is why you’re here! But we hope you’ll take it one step further. See, your fabulous skin and buff bod are good for nothing unless they represent your true self. Arizona Spa Girls is not driven by outward vanity; instead, we are driven toward inward journey. That’s why we’ve filled our pages with great resources on jump-starting or furthering your path.

Grace isn’t Just for Southern Belles

Grace is for anyone who ever wished to receive kindness. Hey, that’s you! As it turns out, you’ve got to give it to get it and no Spa Girl is complete without it. Arizona Spa Girls affectionately refers to this concept as your Inner Bee. Your inner bee is that place inside you (yes, we mean you) that yearns for more. It is that wish for a life that is about more than a paycheck. It is about getting connected. It is about being grateful for blessings–and sharing them with others. As poet, philosopher and artist Kahlil Gibran wrote, “Beauty is not in the face; Beauty is a light in the heart.”

Beauty Doesn’t Come from a Bottle

No matter what the marketers may try to make us believe, a Spa Girl knows that true beauty can’t be bought in a store. Beauty comes from kindness, reverence and knowing not to take yourself too seriously. Sure, glowing skin and a rockin’ haircut can bring out your inner diva. But remember that the path to true beauty is not only the external you but the eternally beautiful you that beats just below the surface. So next time you’re pampering yourself silly at home or at a spa, take a moment to tap into your inner Spa Girl–she’s got it going on!