Who are the Spa Girls? Read on and find out about our talented contributors!

Lisa Kasanicky, Head Spa Girl and Founder

For Lisa Kasanicky, spa hopping is not just an adventure, it’s a job. Through a passion that has propelled her to become recognized as spa authority, she shares her enthusiasm for her “job” through an expanding media base including publications, the Internet and live television and radio. Except for her post-college gig blowing up balloons for an apartment leasing office, she has been writer for her entire career and has a passion for empowering readers through humor and outright manipulation to take care of themselves — mind, booty and spirit. Her first book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Girlfriend Getaways,  was an ode to women everywhere to take time out to bond and re-energize sans life’s endless responsibilities. Not surprisingly, the book has one very enormous spa chapter. Follow Lisa

Katarina Kovacevic, The Beauty Scout Leader

Katarina Kovacevic’s love for publishing dates back to a childhood obsession with writing and glossy magazines, a love that may or may not have taken shape as a digital ’zine or two back when the internet was known only as “AOL.” As the managing editor of the Arizona Spa Girls blog, she combines her passion for grammar (yes – it’s true) with her love of all things spa and beauty. A travel writer by trade, Katarina is open to trying it all but is happiest after a day of spa pampering. She is author of The Food Lovers’ Guide to Phoenix & Scottsdale and will soon be writing from her new faraway but close-to-heart home in New York. Follow Katarina

Carolyn Anger, The Fashionista

As the little girl who refused to wear anything but ruffly skirts and dresses, Carolyn fit right in as a Spa Girl when she joined the team as an intern in 2007. She carries a minimum of 10 lip glosses with her at all times is “that girl” you ask to borrow a hair tie. Ask her to name her favorite sports players and she won’t have a clue. Ask her about her favorite mascaras, she’ll rattle them off without skipping a beat. Besides being well-versed in the realm of beauty, Carolyn is a Public Relations pro and has worked on national campaigns landing clients in big-business publications like the New York Times. Follow Carolyn

Melissa Matthews, The Beauty-a-holic

Melissa Matthews’ frequent Sephora purchases have resulted in limited counter space in the bathroom. A makeup lover since receiving her first Tinkerbell cosmetic kit at the age of four, Melissa was the go-to girl in college for helping friends primp before a night on the town. She loves the challenge of finding the perfect mascara (Maybelline Falsies), discovering a dreamy fragrance (currently obsessed with Versace Crystal Noir) and hunting down a replacement for her beloved – but old – Shu Uemura eyelash curler (Holy Grail curler still undiscovered). Follow Melissa

Samantha McIntosh, The Girl’s Girl

Armed with her stilettos and a teasing comb, Samantha McIntosh is always on the lookout for everything pink, girly and fabulous. What started as a desire for big hair turned into full-blown product obsession, leaving this Spa Girl scouring the beauty boutiques for the latest in hair products, cosmetics, polishes and more. When she’s not sampling the latest beauty finds, Samantha is poised in a pedicure chair or relaxing after a long day of endurance training on the massage table – deep tissue please! Follow Samantha