Spa Fit Secrets: 7 Free Yoga Videos

free yoga videos

Bring the spa experience home with these free yoga videos.

Our definition of the spa experience expands beyond the world of facials and massages. For us, the spa state-of-mind also incorporates healthy eating, mindful movement and an inner core draped in gratitude and generosity. We also believe that you don’t have to shell out your life savings to carve out your own slice of spa. So in the spirit of mindful movement, we dug up what we think are among the best free YouTube yoga classes and amp up your own home spa fit-ability.

Oh, and why yoga? Yoga is a practice accessible to anyone at any physical level. It also widely found at resort and destination spas across the globe. But don’t worry, once you start looking, you’ll find free videos on everything from zumba to belly dancing! Now on to the top free yoga videos.

1. Basic Yoga Workout for Dummies

If you know absolutely nothing about yoga, this video is a great place to start. Sara Invanhoe, author of Basic Yoga Workout for Dummies walks your through 12 basic yoga poses.

2. Sara Ivanhoe’s 20 Minute Yoga Makeover for Weight Loss

In this 20-minute express yoga class, Sara gets out of the yoga studio and on to the beach for an energetic flow workout.

3. Twist and Detox: Yoga Journal to Go

In this 20-minute sequence of stretches and twists that help cleanse and detoxify organs and clear the minds, instructor Kathryn Budig uses descriptive terms to lead you through the movements.

4. Denise Austin: Yoga Metabolism Booster Workout

Always upbeat and smiling, Denise Austin guides you through a fun, energetic 30-minute yoga workout.

5. Standing Yoga Poses: Home Practice from Yoga Journal

Clear, simple instruction takes you through 20 minutes of beautifully demonstrated standing poses.

6. Foundations in Flow Yoga Class with Fiji McAlpine

A powerful 45-minute yoga flow session with a scenic ocean background. Poses are clearly and exquisitely demonstrated. Spa-like music is piped in to the background without being distracting.

7. Yoga for Insomnia from YogaToday

This 10-minute video guides you through restorative poses that help you relax, let go and prepare for a restful night’s sleep.

Got your own free yoga video workouts? Do share by commenting below!


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