Give Peas A Chance Eye Mask

Green relief for swollen, puffy eyes.

I could never eat peas as a kid. Ugh, just the thought of those mushy little legumes made my throat close up in fear. Now as a bona fide grownup, peas don’t scare me so much, especially because of their handy use as an ice pack. Frozen peas can help reduce swelling and puffy eyes not only because of their icy effects but because the small round pearls can settle into the shape around the eyes.

In honor of all that is green and good and a little mushy in the world, we encourage you to give peas a chance.

Here’s what you need:

  • Bag of frozen baby peas
  • Soft hand towel

Here’s what you do:

Remove the bag of peas from the freezer and let it thaw for about 10 minutes so the ice-cold package doesn’t redden skin. Lay back, cover your eyes with the towel, place the bag on top and visualize calming green thoughts for about 5 minutes. P.S., Not only is green considered a calming hue but is also the color of the heart chakra and is our center for compassion and unconditional love.

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