Stay Cool as a Cuke with Summer’s Favorite Fruit

Spa-inspired beauty uses of the cucumber.

Besides its regular appearance in salads and sushi rolls, the cucumber has taken on another role as the universal symbol for spa. Think woman in a white robe with two cucumber slices over her eyes. See? And it’s no wonder. Protected by a green rind, the Cucumis sativus hides crisp, white flesh composed mostly of water — the same natural element that defines the spa experience.

As a health and beauty aid, cukes contain vitamins C and A and a mineral called silica that helps build connective tissue. As for the ol’ cucumber over the eyes trick, trace amounts of salt help draw excess water from the tissue surrounding the eyes, reducing puffiness. Plus the fresh scent lightens your outlook on oppressively hot summer days.

Embrace the refreshing properties of the cucumber…

Sip it: Cut one clean cucumber into slices, toss them in a drinking glass and fill the glass with chilled mineral or sparkling water.

Eat it: Rinse one cucumber, cut it in 1/2-inch thick slices, and top each slice with a chunk of goat cheese and sliver of smoked salmon.

Wear it: Chill two ultra thin cucumber slices over a bowl of ice, cut each slice in half and place under eyes and your upper eyelids for a natural lift.

Spray it: Cut one cumber into chunks and place them in a plastic spray bottle along with ice and water and use for poolside spritzing.

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