Hot Yoga 101

Hot Yoga

What’s this 105-degree slimming and detoxing hot yoga thing everyone is raving about? For those who have never practiced hot yoga or any type of yoga at all, twisting your body into crazy-looking postures while dripping with sweat may sound a bit over the top. So what is hot yoga? In search of answers, we turned to the spiritual gangsters of At One Yoga for the scoop.

So first of all, why would anyone of sound mind and body want to exercise in a room heated to a sweltering 105 degrees?

It’s simple. Practicing yoga in a heated room warms muscles, ligaments and tendons to increase flexibility without injury. In addition to safe stretching, hot yoga purifies and renews the body by eliminating toxins and moving freshly oxygenated blood throughout your entire body.

What if I’m not an expert yogini?

It’s okay. For those new to yoga, At One’s hot yoga classes are a combination of Bikram and vinyasa yoga styles and are designed for all levels to restore the body’s healthy working order, proper weight, muscle tone, vibrant good health and sense of well-being. Plus, you have nothing to prove to anyone. Do what feels right for you and ask for extra help if you need it (and there are no mirrors, so no one is looking).

Do I need to bring anything?

You may want to bring water, a towel and a mat if you have one. If not, water is available in the boutique and mats can be rented.

For more info on hot yoga, visit an At One Yoga studio near you.


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