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Spa for the Holidays

Carve out time between trudging to the malls and the grocery store (again) to cuddle up with a seasonal spa treatment. Hurry, these treatments are available for a limited time! Peppermint Twist Pedi at Sundrops Nail Spot, Phoenix: Your toes dance in a mint and chocolate soak, followed by a sugar cane scrub and soothing […]

All That Glitters

As if having extra long, extra thick (“pile on the glam, please!”) lashes weren’t enough, the newest lure in holiday eyes is shimmer, glimmer and glamor. Lash FX has introduced Special FX in Metallic FX, Gem FX and Shimmer FX, putting lashes at the top of the play list for the holidays. Glamazons have been […]

Free Radicals and Antioxidants

You see the words Free Radical and Antioxidant on just about every beauty magazine cover these days. We use them in daily conversations, but do we really understand what they mean? The serious explanation of Free Radicals defines them as atoms or molecules in your body with an unpaired electron … making them highly unstable. […]

Halloween Makeup FX

How do you rock your Halloween look with a makeup? We headed straight to the source for answers. Makeup artist Kathy Krakora of Scosh Makeup and Skincare in Scottsdale gave us the goods! Black eyes, bruises and scabs are staples of any creepy Halloween costume. Using key makeup products such as eye liner pencil, lipstick, […]

Adventures in Laser Hair Removal

laser hair removal

There’s no business like hair business. And I’m not talking about the fabulously overblown business of creating pretty, shiny tresses  la Jonathan Antin. I’m referring instead to the bucktoothed stepsister that no one talks about but everyone wants at their party. The business of hair removal. The permanent kind. According to the American Society […]

Body Scrub Love

A stimulating, cleansing and deeply relaxing scrub does a body good. Not only does a power body polish banish dead, dulling skin cells that can mar an otherwise glowing dermis, but the stimulating surge of aromatherapy kicks up the mood-o-meter. Bask in the glow of polished, pretty skin with any one of these winning equations. […]

Why Go to the Spa?

Our skin is the largest organ of our body, but the last place nutrients will reach. Environmental factors such as stress, pollution, sun exposure, and poor diet and hydration levels can trigger inflammation in our systems and show up as acne, pre-mature aging, discoloration, and loss of tone or sagging in the skin. These conditions […]

Bathing Beauty

I don’t know about you but when I was wee one, bath time was almost as gratifying as slurping down a Baskin-Robbins double fudge ice cream cone. Engulfed in a sea of Mr. Bubbles and tub toys, I would shape my shampooed hair into long devil horns and splash around until my toes curdled into […]