Bathing Beauty

I don’t know about you but when I was wee one, bath time was almost as gratifying as slurping down a Baskin-Robbins double fudge ice cream cone. Engulfed in a sea of Mr. Bubbles and tub toys, I would shape my shampooed hair into long devil horns and splash around until my toes curdled into raisinettes. But somewhere between kidhood and grownup land, showers happened and these days, tub time seems like a waste of billable hours.

Referred to as hydrotherapy or balneotherapy, water therapy embraces everything from elaborate bath rituals and herbal soaks to jetted tubs and whirlpools. And the benefits are infinite. A mineral bath melts away stress and encourages the body to release trapped toxins. A soak in a steamy hot tub before a massage relaxes tense muscles and allows for a deeper rubdown. Even a trickling fountain or stream grants the mind a free ticket to Zen land. So dig out your rubber duckie and Mr. Bubble or try these suggestions for a date with a tall drink of water.

Soaking at the Spa

Experience a Japanese Soaking Ritual at Scottsdale Resort Club’s Eurasia Spa. Each ritual starts with a warm shower followed by a soak in a steamy tub. Choose from Green Tea & Milk, Kenko Detox or Japanese Cypress soaks or choose your own aromatherapy blend.

Take an Agave Aromatic Water Journey at the Westin Kierland Resort’s Agave, The Arizona Spa. The 50-minute treatment starts with an aromatic exfoliation followed by a romp in the hydrotherapy tub where 47 powerful underwater jets massage and detoxify your body. A slathering of shea butter souffle scented with your aromatherapy choice completes the journey.

Soak in the healing waters at the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort’s Spa Avania where you can immerse yourself in minerals imported from the Brittany coast in the 16,000-gallon heated outdoor heated French Celtic pool. Equipped with fiber optic mood lighting and underwater music, the mineral pool looks out over a lotus pond and is complimentary to all spa guests.

Hydro at Home

Trade soapy bath bubbles for a salty soak instead. Dissolve two cups of Epsom Salt or coarse sea salt in your tub with about 10 drops of your favorite aromatherapy oil (try eucalyptus for stuffy nose, citrus for an energy boost or lavender for deep relaxation). Or try Carol’s Daughter Body Aches Bath Salts, which relaxes tired muscles with a fusion of lavender, sea salt and baking soda.

Create your own Eastern spa journey by smearing on an all-over body scrub in the shower (try Bliss Super-Eucalyptus Smoother, um-um). Once you’ve rinsed off, fill your bathtub with warm water and a few tablespoons of skin savers like sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil or jojoba oil (look for expeller or cold-pressed organic oils at health food stores). Or try Erbaviva Breathe Organic Bath Oil with Vitamin E and exotic essential oils.


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