New Rules: Spa Etiquette for the Digital Age

Do new spa etiquette rules apply in the age of mobile apps and deals galore? Read on to find out! We’re living in fast times with gadgets for just about everything and with beauty services that blur the line between spa and medical. And that means new rules may apply. Or do they? We checked […]

Spa Etiquette for the Gadget Age

spa etiquette

You know the drill. Chatting, texting or updating your Facebook status in a luxury resort spa borders on gauche. Any spa worth their weight in relaxation requires you to power down your electronic devices before entering their halls. And should you be caught tapping or yapping by another spa patron, be fully prepared for a […]

Massage Economics: 10 Tips for Maximizing Your Massage Experience

Ah, finally. The moment you’ve been looking forward to weeks, maybe months. It’s time for a massage to work out those kinks and muscle aches. But how do you make the most of the experience and reap the benefits afterward? We asked Shelene Taylor, founder and owner of Rubs Massage StudiosĀ in Tucson for her suggestions. […]

Massage 101: How to Give the Best Back Rubs


Harness the healing power of touch with these quick at-home massage tips! The spa experts at the Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale at Troon North know how to make a girl forget about life's stress. Here, they share their tips on how to give a good at-home massage. Always use oil or lotion when massaging! Never […]

Body Scrubs: Rub It, Don't Snub It

A healthy, all-over glow starts with a scrub in the shower once a week. Your skin will look radiant if you routinely exfoliate away the dull, dead cells that build up on its surface. But there are all types of scrubs … which do you choose? Scrubs and other spa therapies have moved from the […]

2 Super Simple Steps for Age-Proofing Your Face

We all want the newest biggest baddest lotions, peels, injections, light therapies, whatever to keep our skin young and fresh, prolonging the inevitable. Happily, I have two simple solutions to age-proof your face that is as close as your bathroom cabinet. First, you can keep years off your face by just cleansing twice a day. […]

Got Mud?

Mud packs and baths were used by the Romans as far back as 120 B.C. to heal wounds. Today, mud is still used medicinally in European spa clinics as an effective treatment for arthritis, rheumatism and pulled muscles. The heat together with the chemical composition of a specific mud or clay can be remarkably powerful. […]

Why Go to the Spa?

Our skin is the largest organ of our body, but the last place nutrients will reach. Environmental factors such as stress, pollution, sun exposure, and poor diet and hydration levels can trigger inflammation in our systems and show up as acne, pre-mature aging, discoloration, and loss of tone or sagging in the skin. These conditions […]