Why Go to the Spa?

Our skin is the largest organ of our body, but the last place nutrients will reach. Environmental factors such as stress, pollution, sun exposure, and poor diet and hydration levels can trigger inflammation in our systems and show up as acne, pre-mature aging, discoloration, and loss of tone or sagging in the skin. These conditions can be corrected but it takes more than just applying a topical cream or lotion. Many times the root of these types of skin conditions may be internal, and treating the symptoms without treating the cause will only give short-term results.

The Facts

In todays society, we are bombarded with multitudes of conflicting information. Media ads show us airbrushed photos of idealism that are impossible for most of us to achieve without plastic surgery. At the same time, our diets of caffeinated beverages and processed foods that are high in calories, refined sugars and starches, but are very low in nutritional value make achieving our optimal body image even more evasive. This can have a very negative effect on one’s self-esteem leading to increased stress levels, depression and further self destructive behaviors. Recent studies indicate that even our fresh food supply is becoming nutrient depleted because of the poor quality of our soil. These nutritional imbalances can leave our bodies open to fungal infections, parasites and toxic overload all of which can affect how we look and how we age.

The phrase “beauty is only skin deep” is very misleading while the phrase, “beauty comes from within” is a more accurate statement. Unfortunately, all of the above influences can impact our health and little by little, our systems may become so run down from being in a chronic state of imbalance that it can lead to ill health.

Professional spa treatments are valuable in that they have been proven to help decrease stress levels and rebalance the body. A relaxing facial or massage every four to six weeks not only helps to release deeply embedded toxins but also provides deep hydration to the skin. Massage not only relieves muscle tension, but can help reduce skin laxity and also stimulates lymphatic flow, which helps the body in the elimination of waste.

Body Treatments

Many spa treatments use a variety of mud or clay based products to help draw impurities from the skin and help detoxify the body. Sea salt, bamboo, crushed walnut shells and jojoba beads are just a few of the mild abrasives used to scrub the skin clear of dead cell build-up further releasing toxic accumulation. Body wraps using rice, avocado, cocoa or seaweed products help to hydrate the skin, add elasticity and provide essential fatty acids and a nutrient boost. These body treatments not only leave you feeling fresh and renewed, but also stimulate the bodys immune system.

Facial Treatments

Professional facial treatments have a greater impact because of the higher concentrations of the ingredients used and the techniques used to administer the products. The combination of high-dose infusions along with professional facial massage flood the skins tissues with freshly oxygenated blood and nutrients. This provides the skin with a metabolic boost to the natural cell renewal process and an advantage to fighting the effects of inflammation and free-radical damage. In addition, each visit to a licensed esthetician or massage therapist is an opportunity for early detection of skin abnormalities, infections and skin cancer.

So remember, as important as home care is, missing out on professional treatments can rob you of a chance to reduce the effects of external stressors and toxic overload and help your body rejuvenate itself from the inside to the outside!

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