All That Glitters

As if having extra long, extra thick (“pile on the glam, please!”) lashes weren’t enough, the newest lure in holiday eyes is shimmer, glimmer and glamor.

Lash FX has introduced Special FX in Metallic FX, Gem FX and Shimmer FX, putting lashes at the top of the play list for the holidays. Glamazons have been asking for metallic and sparkling accent lashes, and now they’re here — ready for the mistletoe moment! It’s not a new concept, but a perfected idea that has been circuiting in the eyelash industry since late spring.

If you haven’t tried lash extensions yet, the holiday party season is the perfect time to try them on for size. Lasting 2 to 4 weeks, a lash set can easily take you from mid December through that first week of the New Year. The busy holidays are an ideal opportunity to see if lash extensions do for you what so many women are finding out. The freedom that comes from waking up everyday looking stunning without a swish of mascara does wonders for your self-esteem and turns the flirt factor up a few notches, indeedy!

It takes between 1 to 2 hours for a seasoned lash extension artist to arm your eyes with length, volume and semi-permanent curl. A minimum of 60 lashes per eye is the glam standard. Add on the tinsel in 18kt gold, string of pearls or any combination of shimmering, sparkling Special FX. Metallic, shimmering highlights can heighten the colors your hairdresser weaves through your hair (bronzes and coppers look fabulous on redheads or brunettes alike) or turn blue eyes into “Windex blue” with prismatic shimmer.

There are many ways to customize your Special FX this season. Opt for tipping the lashes with glimmering gold, adding a halo of iridescent color to frame the iris or artful placement of three blended colors to show off your favorite holiday hues. Adding holiday highlights is the last step or finishing touch of the lash extension process. The colors and metallic effects are created with inert, certified non-toxic pigment powders. Beware of creating this effect with body glitters. They are not safe for the eye, and can cause corneal abrasion or other injury.

Special FX techniques specialize in eye-safe sparkles that are sealed in the process. They won’t wash or wear awayand if you play your cards right, your Lash FX artist will give you some bonus shimmer to perfectly pair up your pout and peepers with the same sparkle.

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