Lash Extensions 101

lash extensions

It’s long been a celebrity secret. Super long, flirty lashes that defy the boundaries of mascara. But the secret is out of the makeup bag, and semi-permanent eyelash extensions are making a glamorous sweep across the Valley. What do you need to know before you go? Here’s the long and short of it. Just the […]

Maximizing Your Spa Dollars

How do you save money at the spa in this not-so-pretty economy? It can be done. And with the gloomy financial clouds hanging thick and heavy over our heads, we think it’s even more reason to give yourself a spa day out. Here are our tried-and-true tips for making the most of your spa bucks. […]

Summer Spa and Beauty Guide

A Spa Girl’s no-sweat guide to surviving the summer. Nothing says summer like makeup streaking down your face, tiny beads of sweat taking over your upper lip and that delightful feeling of your underwear sticking to your bum. Welcome to summer in the desert. And welcome to our sweat-free, stress-free summer survival guide to glowing […]

Calling All Girlfriends! Damsels in De-Stress Returns to Prescott, AZ

Let’s take a look into the not-so-distant future. Say July … when it’s so ridiculously hot here in metro Phoenix that you could cook up an entire homestyle breakfast on the sidewalk. That’s when it’s truly time to escape the Valley for cooler pastures. And we happen to know of one worthy of dusting off […]

Hair Care and Repair Guide

Hair Repair

Unruly curls got you in a tizzy? Hair so fragile your ponytail holder could snap it off? We’ve rounded up eight haute hair services to try out the next time your tresses are in deep trouble. Brazil Vs. Japan: Battle to Tame the Mane Both foreign. Both celeb faves. And both promise to straighten, smooth […]

Mani Madness

Nothing beckons in spring like soft hands and pretty fingers. Here’s the quick rap on an easy home spa manicure. Before you start, gather all your tools, a few clean hand towels and something nourishing to sip while you work. 1. Clean and Shape Remove old lacquer with non-acetone polish remover. Clip only the tips […]