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Hair Repair

Unruly curls got you in a tizzy? Hair so fragile your ponytail holder could snap it off? We’ve rounded up eight haute hair services to try out the next time your tresses are in deep trouble.

Brazil Vs. Japan: Battle to Tame the Mane

Both foreign. Both celeb faves. And both promise to straighten, smooth and add shine to hair. So who reins supreme in this war? You be the judge!

The Japanese straightening method, also known as thermal conditioning (termed because heat is used in the process) is a permanent option to straighten, smooth and give the illusion hair as slick as glass. The process takes 2 to 8 hours (so grab a good book!) and costs $250 and up. Keep in mind, this service is not recommended for hair that has recently been colored or already been straightened or relaxed. Get straightened out at Steven Paul Salon in Scottsdale and XS Salon & Spa in Gilbert.

The Brazilian method (AKA Brazilian Keratin Treatment) can be used on most hair types and is not permanent. Unlike other straighteners, keratin is natural and actually nourishes your tresses. You can even apply it atop color. This multi-step treatment takes 90 minutes to 4 hours, and costs $150 to $600, depending on the length and thickness of the hair. Fight the frizz at Bravo Salon & Day Spa and Rapture The Salon in Scottsdale.

Ceremonial Conditioning: It’s a Shu-In!

Most of us are all too familiar with the typical beauty routine: bleach, blow dry, flat iron, repeat. Not even the strongest strand could survive this torture. The solution? Try incorporating a little Eastern promise into your beauty routine with the Shu Uemura Art of Hair Ceremony. Inspired by a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, the nourishing ritual begins with a purifying scalp cleanse and application of essential oils. Next up is a relaxing shiatsu scalp massage and thorough shampoo, which is topped off by a tailored-made treatment that marinates for a few minutes. After a quick rinse, hair is silky smooth. Get inspired at Joya Spa at InterContinental Montelucia Resort & Spa in Paradise Valley.

Green Means Go!

From hot wax to chemical peels, we go to great lengths to primp and pamper. So what’s next? Ammonia on your tresses? We would rather dye. Not really, but we’re all about a cooler, calmer, eco-friendly color free of ammonia, sulfates or animal by-products. Plus, we heard it restores moisture in cuticles while adding killer shine. In this case, green is the new blonde. Go to Green with Envy Organic Hair Studio in Scottsdale.

Shear Thing: Haircut

Sometimes the best way to end a dry, brittle relationship is to cut the ties. Not even the best moisturizing conditioner can seal frayed or split ends; for that, you’ll need a good ol’ fashioned haircut. Our advice: Seek professional help. Try sticking to the schedule and having your tips trimmed every 4 to 6 weeks. Oh yeah, and stay away from the daily double up on flat iron and blow dry, trust us, your hair will thank you! To find a professional stylist visit our Spa & Salon Locater.

Get Your Gloss On: Glazing

While some lucky individuals were born with super shiny strands, most of us are not so fortunate. That’s why there is this little secret known by the tress distressed as glazing. Glaze is applied to hair between or after colorings to recharge richness, shine and manageability. Unlike coloring, glazes are actually good for hair and take only a few minutes to process. Glazes are available with a hint of color for brunettes or come in clear for blondes. Salon Estique in Phoenix rocks a rainbow of glazes that make hair look and feel silky smooth while masking the oh-so-dreaded 4-week regrowth.

Be Ionic: Heat Activated Hair Repair

Okay, okay so we’ve warned repeatedly to lay off the heat but this is the one and only exception to our fry-no-more rule. The Ionic Resuscitation Treatment quenches thirsty hair with a shot of moisture by utilizing negative ions to neutralize hair’s electronic charge. In SpaGirl lingo, the hair cuticle is forced to lie flat, leaving tresses tangle free and manageable. The treatment also calms frizz and most importantly, takes the puff out of over-processed hair. Keep locks in line at the Salon at Four Seasons Resort at Troon North in Scottsdale.

Go Back to Basics: Start at the Scalp!

We’re so obsessed with our straggly split ends that many times we don’t remember to show our scalp a little love too. But those split ends came from somewhere and that somewhere is not maintaining the healthy areas of our hair. Protect and condition newly grown baby hairs with an intensive moisturizing scalp treatment. A slick solution composed of essential oils is gently massaged into the top of every hair strand to restore skin’s health and balance. And don’t worry your pretty little head, the treatment is eventually distributed throughout hair so pesky ends are far from forgotten. Get a full dose of therapy at Agave, the Arizona Spa at Westin Kierland Resort, Revive Spa at JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort and Red Door Spa at the Wigwam Golf Resort.

At-Home Hair Treatments

Need a little bit more therapy between Salon and Spa appointments? Here’s a list of our favorite deep conditioning rehabbers that tame tresses in the privacy of your own shower.

Rahua Leave In Treatment: A not-so-secret celeb styling favorite that rebuilds and softens parched strands. Apply to clean, damp hair and leave in for all-day protection against primping and environmental damage. All organic, natural and made from rain forest grown ingredients. Get it for $28 at Insider tip: With any leave-in conditioner or heat protector make sure to follow dosing directions and lean to the notion that a little goes a long way. Using too much product can leave clean hair looking greasy and weighs down any style.

L’Oreal Everpure Moisture Restorative Mask: Wake up dull hair with this stimulating hair mask perfect for over processed hair. Rosemary and mint oil instantly tingle tresses on contact while deep conditioners conceal the hair cuticle for a smoothing effect. Get it for $8.99 at Insider tip: Apply a liberal amount to freshly cleansed and towel dried hair. Cover hair with a towel or shower cap for approximately 15 minutes or overnight for extra moisturizing power.

Aveda Dry Remedy Moisturizing Treatment Masque: Brittle hair be gone! Stock your shower with this award-winning deep penetrating cream for moisture in a flash. Apply to pre-shampooed hair and leave in for about 2 minutes. Enriched with buriti oil, pomegranate and palm conditioners to smooth frizziness and increase manageability. Get it for $26 at

Frederic Fekkai Protein RX Anti-Breakage Treatment Mask: Feel like your tresses never grow an inch? Combat breakage from coloring, relaxing or heat styling with a powerful dose of protein. Protein RX is enriched with soy and milk protein complex to strengthen and reinforce hair. Get it for $29 at Insider Tip: Although protein is not as softening as other deep conditioners, if used on a regular basis hair will look healthier, grow longer and break off a whole lot less.

Pantene Pro-V Intensive Restoration Repair & Protect Treatment: Nix fried out hair without breaking the bank. Apply this super moisturizing hair mask in the shower and leave on while shaving for instant softness and manageability. Get it for $4.49 at

Oscar Blandi Smoothing Hair Treatment: Combat frizz with this once weekly treatment that restores balance and shine by locking down and sealing hair’s cuticle. Get it for $26 at Insider Tip: Apply to damp hair then turn on the heat with a 2 to 3 minute blow dryer blast. The small amount of warmth will push hair to soak up the solution so conditioner goes deep into strands. Cover with a shower cap or towel and leave on for an additional 20 minutes or overnight.

LATHER Avocado Mint Hair Repair: A weekly deep-conditioning treat for the hair and senses that amps up hair strength and shine with a surge of natural botanicals. Avocado oil helps with moisture retention, peppermint and tea tree oils stimulate the scalp, and shea butter and other natural oils lock in moisture. Get it for $16 at or at the LATHER boutique in Kierland Commons.

Lamas Botanicals Chinese Herbs Revitalizing Collection: To combat thinning hair, give this natural approach a try. Each product is designed to nourish hair with an ancient blend of therapeutic Chinese herbs that promote thick, healthy hair. Products start at $20 at


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