Enlighten Up Honey Facial Mask

Bring out your playful glow with this honey facial mask. Like most of you, my desk is somewhat of an altar. I’ve placed various trinkets that I love strategically around me—the Boyds stuffed bear with the serenity prayer that was among my grandmother’s possessions when she passed, a silly photo booth pic of me and […]

Jewel of Joya DIY Honey Hair Mask

diy honey hair mask

Bring out the superstar shine in your hair with this honey hair mask courtesy of Joya Salon’s secret weapon. We know a little secret. Joya Spa at the Omni Scottsdale Resort at Montelucia in Paradise Valley, AZ is well-known for its lavish interior, breathtaking vistas and world-class spa services. But did you know that Joya hides a […]

Three DIY Anti-Aging Facial Masks

anti-aging honey facial mask

When it comes to keeping wrinkles to a minimum, liberal use of sunscreen and healthy lifestyle habits are your first defense. Your second line of defense is a daily moisturizer that works with your skin type and keeps skin hydrated and protected. Third in line is the occasional facial mask to give skin a healthy […]

Honey (I Need a) Banana Split Mask

Banana Face Mask

Go bananas with this home spa facial mask. This is a good mask for sensitive and dry skin. Oatmeal gently cleanses and heals, bananas infuse vitamin A, eggs offer lecithin as a natural skin emollient and honey maintains the natural acid you need for balanced PH. Here’s what you need: 1/2 banana 1/4 cup oatmeal cooked […]

HollyBeth’s Grits & Honey Scrub

honey body scrub

Bring out your Southern belle glow with this gentle face and body scrub. We got this nitty gritty scrub recipe from HollyBeth Anderson, creator of HollyBeth’s Natural Luxury, our new pick for certified organic body, face and home essentials. Her famous Southern style scrub comes straight from her Atlanta product kitchen and was originally used […]

Pore Some Honey on Me Facial Scrub

Pore Minimizing Facial Scrub

A simple, pore-minimizing facial scrub for naturally beautiful skin. According to every expert we’ve ever asked – and yes, we ask everyone who will listen – it’s impossible to physically shrink the size of your pores. You can thank your parents for that. But getting rid of impurities like blackheads (ew), which are simply clogged pores, can minimize […]

Olive Oil and Honey Hair Treatment

DIY Honey Hair Mask

A reviving DIY honey hair mask. You can't get any easier than this home spa treatment for dry, dull hair. This honey hair mask revives lackluster tresses with just two ingredients – deeply hydrating olive oil and shine boosting honey. This easy-to-make hair conditioning treatment is courtesy of the National Honey Board. Here's what you […]

Honey Hair Shine

Bring on the shine with this honey hair rinse. Revive tired tresses and give them a shine boost with this easy-to-make, leave-in honey hair treatment. Recipe compliments of the National Honey Board. Here’s what you need: 1 teaspoon honey 4 cups warm water Lemon (optional for blonds) Here’s what you do: Stir honey into warm […]