Enlighten Up Honey Facial Mask

Bring out your playful glow with this honey facial mask. Like most of you, my desk is somewhat of an altar. I’ve placed various trinkets that I love strategically around me—the Boyds stuffed bear with the serenity prayer that was among my grandmother’s possessions when she passed, a silly photo booth pic of me and […]

Crantini Cranberry Toner

cranberry toner

A skin-tightening toner good enough to sip. Tone and tighten with this cosmopolitan astringent! This cranberry toner recipe features vodka (yes, vodka!), which is a natural preservative and an effective pore minimizer. Vodka can be a bit drying so if you have dry skin, cut back or skip it altogether. However, if you do skip the […]

Spring Cleaning Citrus Bath

lemon peel bath soak

An energizing home spa bath. Dust away those cobwebs and beckon in spring with this refreshing, energizing bath! The fresh lemon peel gives you a kick of energy and lifts dead skin cells, the fragrant orange peel will dust away depression and anxiety, the parsley stimulates circulation and the comfrey acts as a mild antiseptic. Crank up your favorite tunes, close […]

The Classic OM Bath

Oatmeal bath

Sooth your spirit and your skin with this classic oatmeal bath soak. This one’s a classic! The anti-inflammatory and natural cleansing properties of oatmeal help moisturize and soothe skin while the gentle lactic acids in the milk help lift dead skin cells. Mix them both together along with the time-honored art of taking a bath, and […]

Peppermint Oil Headache Soother

peppermint oil

Ward off tension headaches with pure peppermint oil. Next time you’re anywhere near a Whole Foods, Sprouts or health food store, grab yourself a bottle of peppermint oil. On second thought, grab two so you can stash one at the office and the other at home. Oh, and maybe not grab them so much as […]