Confessions of a Botox Virgin

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One writer’s inaugural adventures in Botox, from the procedure to the after-party. By Allison Young I’m 35. I just had Botox. I loved it. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me start at the beginning. I’ve been seriously considering getting Botox for awhile — my squint is causing a massive crevice between my brows […]

Liposonix: A New Treatment for Fat


Feeling fluffy? New on the fat-tackling front, Liposonix is an FDA-approved process for reducing your post-baby bump or the extra fluff where you don’t want it. What is Liposonix? Liposonix is a new FDA-approved fat reduction treatment that harnesses the power of ultrasound technology. When the ultrasound is targeted on problem areas, it will permanently […]

Fat Busters: New Treatments for Cellulite

Lumpy, bumpy skin marring your otherwise fit and fabulous physique? Join the club. Estimates are that 85% of women – even the most in-shape – battle cellulite. Read on for the latest treatment and products leading the charge against cellulite. Watch the segment on ABC15’s Sonoran Living! Slimming Spa Treatments Bioslimming Wrap at The Beach […]