What’s in Your Beauty Bag Producer and Host Rachelle McCray?

Lifestyle expert, producer, entrepreneur and all around it-girl, Rachelle McCray is one (fabulous) busy woman. As a “Jill” of all trades, this former NFL cheerleader and Miss Arizona United States 2011 recently founded a non-profit, MinMin Bears, after a kidney transplant saved her mother's life. Proceeds from the sale of the cute little teddy bears go directly to aiding those currently awaiting a transplant. Between modeling, writing and indulging in her newfound love of vintage shopping, Rachelle has her sights set on her ultimate goal of a syndicated lifestyle show.

What beauty secrets does this dynamo have up her sleeve? We were lucky enough to get the scoop and learn a little more about her that will leave you wondering, "What can't this girl do?"

As former Miss Arizona United States, what beauty products were your go-to’s during your pageant days?

In pageants I can tell you that I had everything from "tan in a can" to yes, butt glue (smiley). Some of the best tricks I learned in the beauty field came from being Miss Arizona. One of my favorite secrets is using baby powder or dry shampoo to add volume to your hair, or remove oil on your scalp when you want to wear two to three days dirty.  Some of my favorite go-to products were my Clarisonic, store-bought teeth-whitening strips (although trays from the dentist work great as well), KISS eyelash strips, Make Up For Ever HD powder, Rain Cosmetics nude lip gloss and Moroccanoil hairspray.

Do you have any beauty tricks you use or professional services you get when you have public appearances?

I love custom airbrush spray tans. Tanned skin gives the body a more toned look and the darker complexion allowed me to wear colors that I normally couldn’t. Days that I had multiple appearances, or during competitions when I did not have the opportunity to wash my hair on a daily basis, I would get a professional blow out to ensure my hair style would last.

If I were to open your purse right now, what three items would you say you cannot live without?

I cannot live without my Stila lip gloss, MAC lip liner, and Rain Cosmetics lip stick! I'm a lip-junkie! I think lips complete an overall look and when you need a touch-up, it's the simplest way to make your face look fresh!

What is your all-time favorite spa treatment?

I regularly get facials and sometimes even make my own treatments. Two of my favorite treatments are facial scrubs and peels. They give me the dramatic results I desire before a shoot. You can make your own scrubs at home on any budget. Mix together brown sugar, a squeeze of lemon juice, a small squeeze of honey and a dash of nutmeg and cinnamon and you have a gentle exfoliating scrub that you can use several times a week.

What do you do to stay in shape?

I absolutely love to dance! It doesn’t matter if it’s on the Wii, at a reception, on set, or while cleaning I always seem to find an excuse to shake my hips.

How do you define beauty?

I believe a loving heart, forgiving soul and patient spirit, make up what is beautiful in a person. Caring for strangers, being kind to others while offering grace and forgiveness to those who least deserve it, is what makes a person beautiful to me.

How do you relax?

Each night I grab a cup of chamomile tea, my bible or an uplifting book and have "me" time. I often use my time to reflect on my day, meditate or pray and even write in my journal. 

To learn more about Rachelle McCray, visit rachelle-mccray.com.

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