What to Bring to the Spa

Here’s good news: According to the International Spa Association, the spa industry seems immune to the current economic downturn and in 2008, spa visits were up by 16% (read more). The consensus is that while people seem to traveling less, they recognize the value of de-stressing at a local spa or salon.

If that’s not convincing enough, competition among spas and salons has stiffened, keeping rates from jumping and deals more easy to find.

So let’s get packing! Here’s what you’ll need to stash in your tote for a typical resort or hotel spa visit.

Workout wear. Check ahead for what type of fitness class you might want to try or if the facility has a gym and bring appropriate threads and shoes. And give something new a whirl! Zumba? Yoga? Belly dancing? Whatever sounds enticing. The best part about trying a new fitness fad at a spa is that you’re likely not the only novice in the class.

Swimsuit. Even if lounging by the pool isn’t on your agenda, you may want to take a dip in a co-ed whirlpool or mineral pool where available. If you’re getting a Vichy treatment or body scrub, you may want to stash an old bikini in your tote if you don’t want to wear your birthday suit.

Light reading. In other words, no reports from work that need your approval, no homework, and for heaven’s sake, no laptop or BlackBerry. You want to keep your mind in a relaxed state. We usually bring along a novel or fashion rag and rarely do we actually get to either.

Really important personal stuff. Most spas are stocked with hair and body products and grooming tools like disposable razors and combs so only bring those things you actually need. Our typical cosmetic bag usually includes a hair band, sunscreen for the face (most resort spas have sunscreen for the bod), mascara, mineral powder and lip gloss. Don’t forget any prescription medications or corrective eye wear that you might need too.

Change of clothes. Unless you plan to wear out what you wore in, bring along a fresh change of duds. When you’re picking out your grand finale outfit, think about the treatment you’re having and what your plans are after you leave. If you want to stay slathered in the treatment oils or lotions, bring loose-fitting yoga wear or a casual sundress that shows off your pretty skin. If you plan to shower and primp to your heart’s content, bring something hot!

An open attitude. Let’s be honest. Not all spa experiences will rock your world. Your massage therapist may be having an off day. The rude guy at the pool may be blabbing away on his cell phone. Or maybe you stubbed a toe in Zumba class (sorry ’bout that!). But if keep an open and gracious ‘tude, karma will kick in and eventually, all will be right with the world. Spas offer a respite where you can step away from all your cares, at least for a few hours. And that’s all you really need, right?

Did we leave out anything? What items do you take with you on your spa day getaway?

Photo: Envirosax Tote from envirosax.com

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