The Dirt Cheap Home Spa Facial in 4 Easy Steps!

Home Spa Facial

An inexpensive, all-natural¬†home spa facial to deeply cleanse and revive skin. Short on cash but longing for a spa indulgence? We’ve got you covered! This¬†inexpensive, four-step home spa facial deeply cleanses and balances skin. Grab your green tea, crank up the relaxing tunes and let’s get spa-ing! Watch the segment live on ABC-15’s Sonoran Living […]

Home Girls Spa Party: A Day of Beauty on a Budget

All you need for a home spa party with the girls! If you’re craving a lazy spa day with the girls but your purse strings are as a tight as your skinniest skinny jeans, there is still hope! All you need is a few dozen eggs, some mix-ins from your kitchen, a splash of creativity […]

Three DIY Anti-Aging Facial Masks

anti-aging honey facial mask

When it comes to keeping wrinkles to a minimum, liberal use of sunscreen and healthy lifestyle habits are your first defense. Your second line of defense is a daily moisturizer that works with your skin type and keeps skin hydrated and protected. Third in line is the occasional facial mask to give skin a healthy […]

Skin-Brightening Kiwi Facial Mask

kiwi face mask

A refreshing facial mask that exfoliates and brightens the skin. Did you know that kiwifruit have more vitamin C than oranges? They do! Plus, kiwi are loaded with vitamin E and exfoliating alpha hydroxy fruit acids. This furry little brown-skinned super fruit pairs up with yogurt in this recipe to gently lift dead, dulling skin cells. The extra pinch of lemon accelerates the process […]