Derma Rolling: The Prickly New Hope for Smoother Skin

derma rolling

by Diane Hoffecker Aesthetician & Owner, My Skin Devotion We asked licensed aesthetician and instructor Diane Hoffecker to give us the scoop on a new skin therapy called derma rolling. What is it? How much does it cost? Does it hurt? And most importantly, does it work? Here’s her explanation. Derma rolling is a treatment […]

$50 Spa Deals: Take a Beauty Break without Breaking the Bank

$50 spa deals

$50 spa deals for head to toe beauty! Chipped nail? Straggly strand? Or maybe a clogged pore or two? We’ve got you covered! For year-round beauty relief that won’t wreak havoc on your wallet, Arizona Spa Girls has handpicked a new crop of sweetly priced facials, massage and more to keep you primped from head […]

Blemish Busters from Dr. Leslie Baumann

Acne Solutions

Acne solutions from dermatologist and author Leslie S. Baumann, M.D. Internationally renowned board certified dermatologist and New York Times best‐selling author Dr. Leslie Baumann took time from her busy schedule to answer our most pressing acne questions. Here, she debunks a few common misconceptions and offers a few tips in the battle against breakouts. 1. […]

Face, Don't Fail Me Now! Clear Skin Mask

A parsley facial mask for congested skin. Here’s the mask to use when you need a fix-me-up before a big night out (or after a crazy week!). Parsley is a natural cleanser and helps to release impurities from pores. Honey imparts hydration while milk gently removes dead skin. Together, the trio nourishes, heals and gives skin […]

The 5 Biggest Acne Myths – Popped!

acne myths

Fact or fiction? The top acne myths get debunked by local skincare experts! Acne is nobody’s friend. And it can strike when you least expect it. Specializing in the clinical treatment of breakout-prone skin, All About You Medspa in Tempe, AZ debunks the top five acne myths and offers some practical advice about this challenging […]

The Road to Healthy Skin

Healthy Skin

November marked the return of National Healthy Skin Month — an educational opportunity for the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) to share the latest findings on everything from hair loss and adult acne to non-invasive solutions for unwanted love handles. But what we really wanted to know was how to get on that illusive yellow […]

The Best Facial Treatments for Glowing Wedding Day Skin

It’s your day in the spotlight. Your red carpet moment. Your time to shine. And the last thing you need is a breakout or dry, lackluster skin marring your otherwise perfect day. Get cracking on your wedding day complexion by consulting an aesthetician or dermatologist to discuss your concerns and make a skincare plan of […]

Massage Envy Spa Launches in Arizona

With dinner, flowers and a ribbon-tied token of affection, Valentine’s Day can wreak serious havoc on your wallet. For a gift that offers sweet relief from everyday stress and won’t break the bank, look to Arizona’s first Massage Envy Spa now open in Gilbert. Massage Envy Spa stays true to the company’s mission of bringing […]