Sugar, Spice and Everything Spa at Arizona Biltmore

During this frenzied time of year, as you prepare to shower friends and family with love and cheer, it’s easy to lose sight of treating yourself to some holiday kindness. Amid all the hustle and bustle, a visit to Arizona Biltmore Spa may be just what the doctor, with a Ph.D. in Relaxation, ordered! This holiday season enjoy Biltmore’s holiday treatments that merge natural healing with a heavy dose of pampering — plus 20% off!

As always, spa guests will enjoy complimentary use of a plush robe, spa slippers, fruits and teas and spa amenities. So slip into something comfy, or nothing at all, for these special holiday treats:

  • Decadent Vanilla or Cinnamon Spice Stone Massage: $150 for 50 minutes, $210 for 80 minutes
  • Cinnamon Spice and Everything Nice Body Scrub and Massage: 80 minutes, $195
  • Harvest Facial with Pumpkin Exfoliate: 50 minutes, $135
  • Candy Cane Stone Manicure: 50 minutes, $85
  • Candy Cane Stone Pedicure:  50 minutes, $85

Who can say no to unbeatable prices like these? But wait, it gets better! Remember that 20% off? That’s an additional savings off any of the treatment prices if you mention that you read about the Biltmore’s holiday spa offers on AZ Spa Girls. So, don’t wait until you are buried in wrapping paper and bows. Call the Biltmore today to bask in the amazing sensations felt by these special holiday treatment.

The Arizona Biltmore Spa is located on the historic grounds of the Arizona Biltmore Resort at 2400 E. Missouri Avenue in Phoenix, Arizona. For more info or for reservations, call 602.381.7632 or visit