Spa Types

With so many different types of spa and salon facilities these days, there’s something out there for just about everyone! Here’s the SpaGirl breakdown of the main facility types.

club spa – Don’t you just love to primp after you pump? Or maybe you love a rub down after a good yoga class? You’ll find it at a club spa, girlie. Although their primary purpose is fitness, club spas offer a variety of professionally administered wonderfully appreciated spa services on a day-use basis.

day spa – Much like your full-service salon, a day spa adds that extra touch by dedicating itself to the type of services you get with other spas often without the costs and time associated with staying in overnight accommodations. These facilities are typically self-contained, but they might also be combined with a salon.

destination spa – Arguably offering the ultimate spa experience, destination spas offer well-rounded programs that typically combine weight loss, nutrition, exercise, healing, meditation, and of course, pampering. Rejuvenation, relaxation and revitalization are the primary goals of all of destination spas; however, some facilities have specialized in focus areas such as weight loss, yoga and nutrition. Packages are typically structured for guests interested in staying from three to seven days.

full-service salon – Okay, so take nail heaven and hair passion, add a healthy dose of massage, waxing or facial and you’ve just about got it all with a full-service salon.

hair salon – Imagine a place that knows only one passion ? your beautiful tresses! Solely dedicated to hair services, hair salons offer at least haircuts, but usually also offer excellence in color, styling, extensions, up do’s and weaving. Our directory includes traditional hair salons as well as barbers, unisex facilities, independent stylists, and even mobile professionals that come to you.

medi-spa – Combining elements of a medical practice and spa therapeutics, medical spas (aka, medi-spas or med spas) offer everything from facial to plastic surgery. A medical spa is supervised by a physician or staff of qualified medical professionals. And if it isn’t, run. Now. Whatever reason you may have for visiting a medi-spa, be sure you ask plenty of questions, ensure they are board-certified in the specialty for which you’ve selected them and if you can, talk to former patients or clients.

nail salon – In any given neighborhood, a little piece of heaven can be bought at a nail salon near you. Often at moments notice, these unassuming facilities can get your little hands lookin’ pretty and your little face looking relaxed in under an hour. You’ll usually spend less than $30 in most neighborhoods, but you’ll feel like a million bucks.

resort spa – Perfect for a week’s retreat or weekend getaway, a spa within a resort or hotel provides most of the spa services, fitness and amenities you get at a destination spa without the structure. If you’re looking for a traditional vacation combined with a spa retreat, a resort spa just might be the perfect fit for you.


  1. Thanks for explaining all of the different types of spas available. I was hoping to buy my mom a gift card for mothers’ day. I have never been to the spa so I wasn’t sure what to buy. I like the way resort spas sound though.

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