Spa Lingo

If you want to walk the walk, first you’ve gotta talk the talk. Here’s a bit of Spa Girl lingo to get you movin’ in the right direction.

aesthetician – Also spelled esthetician, this is the gal (or guy!) we kiss up to and tip well. We literally put our face in her hands so let’s promise each other to always make sure she is a certified skincare specialist with proper training in the techniques she performs.

affirmation – This is a positive thinking trick Spa Girls use to overcome physical, social and psychological problems (’cause we’ve all got ’em). Our personal favorite is “Good golly, I’m a hot tamale,” from the Bad Girls’ guides. Athletes and successful business people use this method all the time (although we’re sure they have their own affirmations!).

body image – This is a Spa Girl’s perception of her own body. Spa Girls recognize that the whole bulimia/anorexia thing is so 1980s. They know that their (and their friend’s) size and shape has nothing to do with self-worth. Instead, SpaGirls are aware of their body in terms of its relationship to their emotional, spiritual and physical health.

detoxification – This process includes anything that cleanses the body of accumulated poisons often from over-taxation. Good detoxifiers include mud baths, lymphatic massages and yoga. Read our detox guide.

emotional cleansing – This includes anything that promotes the healing and health of your psychological state. Meditation has been known to accelerate emotional cleansing. Although one time Sunny “accidentally” let her dog go doody in a to-remain-nameless neighbor’s yard — a compromise between direct revenge and passive aggression, which also proved highly effective.

extractions – Extractions during a facial are something you love, hate or tolerate for the sake of beauty. Simply put, they are when a professional squeezes your pimples. Extractions are a procedure that your aesthetician or dermatologist performs to unclog pores and bring sebum to the skin’s surface. Normally done after skin has been cleansed and prepped with an enzyme mask or steam, extractions are performed with a metal tool or by applying gentle pressure. Here’s why we don’t squeeze our zits at home (right?): Because skincare professionals know what they are doing and most of us don’t. Performed improperly, extractions can cause more breakouts, redness and even scarring.

gal pal – These are the keepers. They know your weak points and not only still love ya, but would never use it against you. They tell you when to chuck those frumpy pants, when to wax your brows and give honest advice on dealing with rude coworkers. They give you advice only when you want it, and they are capable of listening to hours of rants and raves on a daily basis.

grace – Grace is not just for Southern Belles. It is for anyone who ever wished to receive kindness. Hey, that’s you! As it turns, out you’ve got to give it to get it and no Spa Girl is ever complete without it. We affectionately refer to this as our Inner Bee. Check out the most important part of this site — it’s where you’ll get a little bit of grace to call your own.

guided imagery – This process involves listening to music or a person’s voice to stimulate imagery. It helps SpaGirls in their journey to self-realization. You can find classes in guided imagery at many resort and destination spas.

holistic health – This health practice places emphasis on wellness as it strives for the balance of your physical, mental and spiritual health. The approach recognizes that when one aspect of your health is out of sync, the others are affected. We’ve noticed that many of the best spas and treatment professionals use this philosophy as the foundation of their practice.

journey – Journey is the nucleus of every Spa Girl. When you take care of yourself you cannot help become a better, friend, wife, mother, daughter, neighbor, coworker and person. You already knew that, which is why you’re here! But we hope you’ll take it one step further. See, your smooth skin, sharp features, sleek tone and fabulous lip color are good for nothing unless they represent your true self. SpaGirls are not driven by outward vanity; instead, we are driven toward inward journey.

meditation – Often used as part of a stress reduction program, meditation relaxes the body and quiets that ongoing chatter in your busy little head. Meditation decreases the heart rate, oxygen consumption, blood pressure, blood lactate levels, muscle tension and metabolic rate. It increases alpha brain waves, alertness, awareness, creativity and psychological well-being. It’ll take some practice before you’ll meditate effectively, but the payoffs are so worth it. Meditate on the web.

path – Here’s something you don’t have to be a Spa Girl to get. We’ve all got a path — whether we don’t know what it is, where we’re going with it or, how to deal with it. SpaGirls are simply aware that they are on a path, and most importantly, when it comes to other’s paths, we never get in the way.

self-realization – In concert with journey, self-realization is the other Spa Girl cornerstone. It is the quest for complete comprehension and understanding of who and what we are and why we are here. Think Power Puff girl meets Oprah.

spa – Meaning “the cure of water,” the spa is a Spa Girl’s chance to get back in touch with herself. Whether she goes solo or with a pack of friends, she uses the spa as a tool toward the self-fulfillment of her unique path. Or maybe she’s just striving for a good up-do and well-polished nails for a hot-date … that’s cool too!

spa cuisine – This menu is specially designed by the chef to emphasize your spa experience. Spa chefs prepare fresh, natural foods low in saturated fats and cholesterol. Expect whole grains, low-fat dairy, lean proteins, fish, vegetables and fresh fruit. Get the dish.

tai chi – Originally developed as a martial art, tai chi is an ancient Chinese self-enhancement technique for preventing and treating disease. It includes slow, deep breathing through movements to relax the muscles and joints while strengthening the body from the inside. Many destination spas offer tai chi classes so if you get the chance be sure to try it! Also known as chuan.

toxic – This refers to any food, thing, person or situation that muddies-up your spiritual or physical growth. Yuck, whatever it is, get over it and step away!

visualization – Spa Girls have been known to use visualization to get what they want. Through the use of mental energy, a SpaGirl can improve her health, beauty, prosperity, loving relationships, and most importantly, her attitude.

wellness – This is a general term that encompasses disease prevention, health promotion activities and is at the core of the Spa Girls’ goal.

yoga – An ancient practice that uses special positions and breath control to stretch and tone the body, improve circulation, calm those nerves and induce a meditative state of being. Download yoga classes for anywhere, anytime (okay, not while you’re driving) at

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