Shellac Attack! Creative Nail Design’s New Shellac Nails Hit the Valley

shellac nails

A chip-free, long-lasting alternative to acrylics and gels? Could it be true? Believe it! Creative Nail Design has introduced Shellac Nails — a fabulous and long-wearing polish option without the hassle or damage to your natural nail. This smudge-free, chip-free and quick drying nail color applies like polish, wears for two weeks of high gloss shine, can be removed in minutes and comes in 12 different shades.

After hearing all the rave reviews, we went directly to our nail expert, Stephanie Coulston, owner of Sundrops Nail Spot in Phoenix for the skinny.

How long does a shellac manicure last?

The actual Shellac color application will last for 14 days. It will last beyond 14 days but you will see a “line of demarcation” as your nail grows from the cuticle.

What is the difference between shellac and gels or polish?

Shellac is a patent pending technology by Creative Nail Design. It took them 4 years to create this product. Shellac is for the customer who is interested in long-wearing nail polish. This product will not extend your nail length. There are no primers, no liquids, no odor, and never any filing on your natural nail. It goes on just like polish.

Does it harm your natural nails?

Shellac does not harm your natural nails at all. I have tried the service three times and soaked the polish off three times, and ZERO damage.

Can you walk us through the process of a shellac manicure?

  1. Client sanitizes hands.
  2. Nails are shaped.
  3. Cuticles are pushed back and any excess is trimmed.
  4. Nails are gently buffed.
  5. The Shellac base coat is applied to the nails and cured under a UV light for 10 seconds.
  6. The Shellac nail polish color is applied to the nails and cured under a UV light for 2 minutes.
  7. A second coat of Shellac nail polish is applied to the nails and cured under a UV light for 2 minutes.
  8. The Shellac top coat applied to the nails and cured under a UV light for 3 minutes.
  9. Residue is removed from the nails with alcohol.
  10. Voila, shiny beautiful nails for 14 days!

The Shellac process does not include any soaking of the nails in water.

What is the average price for a shellac manicure?

Creative Nail Design suggests that salons charge 50% more for the Shellac based on the price of the salon’s basic manicure.

For more information about the Shellac Nails manicure and to find a salon near you, visit


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