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According to our own non-scientific study, the beauty world churns out a new product every 4.5 seconds. Exaggeration? Maybe. But with every new beauty innovation, life gets a little prettier, a little easier. Here’s the latest from the ever-changing shelves of beauty.

Knotheads. Bye-bye hair damaging rubber bands and the dreaded hair claw! Knot Heads are a patent-pending hair accessory made of bendable wire wrapped in funky colors and patterns. Use it as a barrette, headband or ponytail wrap — the website shows you how to create the looks. Knotheads are reusable, washable and available in two lengths. Each package is $11.95 at

Bumpits. Talk about beauty in simplicity! Bumpits are a wildly simple invention that perform miracles at increasing hair volume. Simply part your hair across the crown of the head, pop in the self-gripping Bumpit, tease, spray and voila — from flat to fabulous. Bumpits are $19.99 for a set of four and come in four colors — light blonde, medium blonde, brunette and black — and two sizes — regular and rockstar. Get them at

Nundies. The gals that came up with must-haves like the Rescue Sponges for removing deodorant marks have unveiled another innovation that had us giggling like school girls. The ingenious Nundies from Miss Oops are disposable, nylon and Lycra “pantyless panties” that adhere to the inseam of your britches. Nundies come in nude or assorted colors and are $15 per box. Available at Glam Lounge in Scottsdale and other local beauty haunts or online at

NuFace. In high-tech, home skincare news, NuFace is an FDA-approved device that helps improve the appearance of the skin through microcurrent technology. Currently available at spas, microcurrent delivers electrical stimulation to tone the skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve facial circulation, enhance skin exfoliation and lymphatic drainage, and treat sun damage and skin pigmentation issues. NuFace is $379 and available at

Flexaway: In low-tech news, the Flexaway System is an at-home cosmetic mouthpiece that tones the skin by strengthening the facial muscles. Used for one minute twice daily, the Flexaway System Facial Exerciser gives the face, chin and neck muscles a mini workout and helps to tighten and rejuvenate the skin. The complete kit is $59 and available at

DreamKeeper 400. Beauty sleep is serious business and the latest device in bringing on the ZZZs is the DreamKeeper 400. Worn like a wristband, the DreakKeeper uses a proprietary Breath Synchronization Program (BSP) and Parallelized ElectroStatic Field (PESF) technology to safely rebuild the user’s biological clock and improve the quality and duration of sleep. We’re getting sleepy! The device sells for $119 at

FitFlops. After a good night’s sleep, go for a FitFlop walk with your newfound energy. The Fitflops are constructed in way that help tone and trim your thighs, your calves and your glutes and are biomechanically engineered to absorb shock and lessen joint strain. It’s hip to be fit! Find out more at or buy them for $49.99 at

Scandle Body Candle. Finally, when is a candle more than a pretty home accessory? When it doubles as a massage oil of course! The Scandle Body Candle burns at 2 degrees above body temperature to produce a soothing massage oil. The candle is 100% natural and healthy for your skin and the planet. Travel tins are $12.95 (think romantic getaway!) and the white porcelain container with spout is $21.95 at

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