Miracle Minerals

More and more spas are offering mineral makeup artistry. So why all the fuss over minerals? Unlike most mass marketed cosmetic lines, mineral makeup is as pure as it gets — void of talc, chemical additives, fragrance, fillers, preservatives and dyes. Growing from a need for cosmetics gentle enough to use on skin after chemical peels or resurfacing treatments, mineral makeup is made from finely crushed, high pigment minerals. It has virtually no allergy risk and will not clog pores or irritate sensitivities. And because minerals such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are used as the base, these cosmetics are loaded with natural UV protection.

Another great feature of mineral makeup is that a little goes a long way. Aesthetician, makeup artist and creator of Scosh Mineral Makeup, Kathy Krakora shares her tips for flawless application:

  • Allow your moisturizer to completely absorb before applying mineral foundation powder. If necessary, apply a thin layer of mineral rice powder first to absorb any extra moisturizer.
  • Apply using downward strokes. Start with a light dusting and add layers until you achieve the desired coverage.
  • Create a tinted moisturizer by mixing a bit of powder foundation in the palm of your hand with your favorite moisturizer. Apply evenly as you would a moisturizer.
  • Apply mineral eye shadows dry for a soft, airbrushed effect. For a more intense and longer-wearing look, dip a wetted brush into the powder and then sweep it across the lids.
  • Use mineral blush on eyes and lips for a dash of sheer color.
  • Apply makeup using quality brushes.

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