Mendhi Tattoos

A traditional Indian art form, Mendhis are made from a natural dye called henna, and they wash off gradually in about two weeks. They are very simple to create at home and a lot of fun to do with a few friends. A simple stop at your local health food store is all it takes and you too can be a walking art form — for just a couple of minutes and a few bucks.

Here’s what you need:

  • Tattoo henna (not hair henna)
  • disposable pastry bag
  • icing tips

Here’s what you do:

Mix water with the tattoo henna until it reaches the consistency of icing. Fill the pastry bag with the mixture and attach a decorator’s icing tip to the end. Squeeze the bag from the top and practice decorating on a piece of paper first. Get tattoo stencil designs and more ideas at or The Henna Page.

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