Insider Look: The Sparkle Bar Opens in Scottsdale

the sparkle bar scottsdale

Arizona’s first full-service makeup studio lands in Scottsdale! Here’s our insider look at this fun and affordable way to sparkle!

I did something I’ve never done before—I sauntered into a bar at high noon without a stitch of makeup. The good news is all the other patrons of The Sparkle Bar were sans face too because at this unique beauty establishment, which recently opened in downtown Scottsdale, you belly up to a makeup station, wipe your brow(s) and order some refreshing glam.

Co-founded by beauty industry pros Alexandra Bradberry and Leiah Scheibel, The Sparkle Bar is Arizona’s first full-service makeup studio that focuses solely on makeup application that is fun, convenient and affordable. The team includes more than 20 experienced makeup artists who provide full-face and false lash applications, as well as camera-ready, airbrush foundation, on-location home and bridal services, and one-hour private lessons via “Beauty 101.”

Reservations are taken but customers can drop in for an impromptu session as well. With a “Beauty Should Not Hurt, That Includes Your Purse” philosophy, services range from $20 to $150 and monthly memberships are available from $50 to $90. The space also can be rented for private events (think bachelorette parties or girls’ night out).

When I arrived at The Sparkle Bar, I was somewhat leery of a complete stranger using my visage as a creative arts experiment. I feared being turned into an over-done drag queen or a mid-life Broadway actress dripping in stage paint and career regret. All my concerns quickly faded when my make-up artist, Charity, quizzed me on my normal makeup routine and told me she would go for the “natural” look to suit my minimalist approach. And then armed with a tool belt of specialty brushes and a hand-curated palette of color, she began to artfully sculpt and contour my eyes, cheeks and lips to bring out the best of my features.

Even though I don’t wear a lot of makeup in real life, with each fleck of pigment I was reminded how a little liner here and a dab of color there does a girl good. I asked Charity questions about the right tones to use for my skin and the best type of brushes to buy, and watched her technique so I could copy my look at home. She was more than happy to offer advice on how an amateur like me could add shimmer and shine, even with the hodgepodge of cosmetics rolling around at the bottom of my purse. In less than a half hour, she transformed me from a pale, bags-under-the-eyes-woman into a refreshed, polished version of myself.

The Sparkle Bar is bright, carefree and yes, “sparkly” thanks to a chic, modern décor that includes a beaded chandelier, art-deco wallpaper, and touches of silver and gold accents. It resembles a high-end hair salon with the usual din of chatty, happy voices—but without the whirling sound of blow dryers or sales pressure to purchase products. In fact, The Sparkle Bar doesn’t do hair, spray tans, nails or sell cosmetics. It does, however, use a number of professional brands such as Becca, Makeup Forever, Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, Kat Von D, MAC and Hourglass to achieve a luxurious look at a reasonable price.

I wasn’t Red Carpet ready when I left The Sparkle Bar but I was ready to hit the streets for the rest of the day, feeling like I had just gotten one of those TV celebrity makeovers. As I peered into the mirror to check out the finished product, I liked what I saw, in myself and The Sparkle Bar, and knew I’d back for another round of glamour.

The Sparkle Bar is located at 4200 N. Marshall Way, Suite 7 in Scottsdale, Arizona. For more info, call (480) 941-3438 or visit

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