Handicapped Accessible Spas

A few weeks back, we got an email from a user requesting a list of handicapped accessible spas. Apparently, one of the Valley’s most beloved spas had some serious limitations and she was very disappointed in her experience. But we won’t point fingers and instead, we put together a list of spas in greater Phoenix and Scottsdale with accommodations for wheelchairs and special needs. If you do have special needs, be sure to tell them when booking your appointment. Many spas have hydraulic massage and aesthetic tables that lower for easier access but they may have only one or two and will book your appointment accordingly.


  1. Just called dolce re handicapped accessible for facials and massages a was told that they aren’t able to assist someone onto to the table for facials and massages – apparently they don’t have adjustable tables

    • Lisa Kasanicky says:

      Thank you for letting us know Midas. This article is a bit dated and Dolce has since downsized — we’ve removed them. Please let us know if you find a place you like that we should add to this list. Thanks again!

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