Hair Tips from Spa Girls Fans!

Who doles out the best, most practical advice on taking care of our manes? Our girlfriends, of course! Or, in this case, Spa Girls fans! We asked our fans for their best hair tips and here’s what they shared. Excellent tips, ladies, thanks!

Lana: I love Pearatin for making my hair stronger and shinier!

Coupon Queen: Don’t tie bows on hair too tight!

Manal: Argan Oil leaves the hair soft and manageable

Kim: Allow your hair to air dry for at least 5 minutes before using the hair dryer.

Cathy: A hair tip from me is ask a professional WHAT products should be used for a specific look you want to achieve.

Jodi: Put your makeup on while your shampooed hair is air drying. This saves time and doesn’t damage your hair as much with the high heat of a blow dryer.

Robin: After straightening my hair, I like to rub a small amount of protective cream in my palms and run through my hair, focusing on the ends and tips if my hair. Happy Friday, all!

Natalie: Use a deep conditioner two times a week if you straighten your hair!

Gloria: My best hair tip would have to be…get your blowouts from the Drybar of course!!! 🙂 ♥

Katie: A good roundbrush does wonders.

Ramona: I like to treat myself once a week by applying a homemade hair mask to my hair. I mix mayo, avocado and coconut oil and leave it in my hair for 30 mins and rinse it out. It makes my hair silky and shiny 🙂

Lindsay: I air dry whenever possible and only wash my hair every other day so that it doesn’t get dried out.

Megan: Avoid washing hair everyday. Try every other day or every third day to keep hair healthy. Use a good dry shampoo or dry powder to keep it fresh. A good blowout from drybar will last a few days!

Thelma: Using a good hair product will help to style your hair

Neema: If you have thick and long hair, use a microfiber hair towel and leave it on for 5-10 minutes, then blow dry. Your hair will dry much faster.

Marci: After using lotion on your body..use the leftover that’s on your hands to smooth flyaways in your hair..double duty!

Jennifer: I only put conditioner on the ends of my hair.

Francie: Moroccan Oil

Vickie: Sent my daughter to Beauty School!!!

Melissa: Good products go a long way. Find the one that’s right for your hair type.

Cassondra: Don’t wash daily, and when you wash- use product sparingly- just some heat protectant, allow hair to air dry to damp. Use dry shampoo to refresh hair on in between wash days.

Liz: It’s worth the extra money for a GOOD haircut from a GREAT stylist.

Celena: Don’t wrap curly hair in a towel, it’s too harsh. Instead pat dry with an old cotton tshirt 🙂

Amy: Blow dry using a round brush!

Denise: Use olive oil, sparingly, as a conditioner once a week for super shiny hair.

Maggie: Argan oil!

Jill: Use a paper towel to gently wring hair before blowdrying. It cuts the time in half.

Amy: Moroccoan oil & use a t-shirt to wrap hair before drying to help natural curls

Beth: Air dry and then touch up curly ends w a wand for a carefree curly do

Emily: I have curly hair, so my best tip is this; don’t comb or brush your hair AT ALL except in the shower (with conditioner). Over-brushing and combing destroys the curl.

Designer Shades: Use Orchid Oil on the tips of your hair before blow drying. It smooths out your hair and makes it looks shiny without looking oily. Love it!

Lisa: If you have wavy hair that you want straighter….switch to a large paddle brush to finish styling when your hair is almost dry. It saves time and smooths the frizzies. 🙂

Christina: A great blow-out (like the one you get at Drybar) will last several days…just put dry shampoo (I like Tigi’s Dirty Secret) at the roots after a day or two to absorb the excess oil…and presto: you’ve saved tons of time & effort!

Amy: First tip, go to Drybar- hair will last for days!! Second, Moroccan Oil!!

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