Hair in Motion: Sassoon Salon Athletica Collection

Sassoon Athletica

The 2012 Summer Olympic Games may have come to a glorious end but the season’s hair styles are still heating up! Sassoon Salon is commemorating the games with an Olympics-inspired collection of effortless and sophisticated hairstyles.

The new Sassoon Athletica collection is a match-made-in-beauty-heaven that runs all the way back to 1976, when Vidal Sassoon created the now-famous sculptural and fluid haircut for American figure skater, Dorothy Hamill.

The Athletica look is modeled after the two iconic symbols of the Olympics. The cuts represent the interlocking rings of the flag, and the brilliant hues – from pale rose to deep red gold – are a take on the bronze, silver and gold medals.

In legendary Sassoon fashion, the precision cuts were designed to move with fluidity and fall back into place beautifully. The high-definition colors are applied in concentric circles to enhance the shape of the cut. The result is effortless, elegant and easy to maintain.

To get one of the Sassoon Athletica looks yourself, book an appointment at Sassoon Salon in Scottsdale or at a Sassoon salon near you. View the full collection at

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