Trend Alert: Hair Chalking

Hair Chalking

Bright jeans. Bright shoes. Bright hair? Yes, it’s true. Our obsession with vibrant hues is now head-to-toe thanks to the latest beauty trend: hair chalking.

Hair chalking is exactly what it sounds like. With colored hair chalk, you can complement your Friday night outfit in the most rockin’ way and then wash the Gwen Stefani look away in time for work on Monday morning. There’s absolutely no commitment and hair chalk comes out with a simple shampoo. Just think of all the possibilities!

Hair chalking tips:

  1. Always apply hair chalk to styled hair.
  2. Dampen the portion of hair you want to color with styling spray.
  3. Apply the chalk and shake your hair to remove any loose chalk particles.
  4. Seal with hairspray and you’re done! (the more you apply, the more vibrant your color.)

Hair chalking at Greater Phoenix salons:

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  1. I think I really want some!!!!

  2. kayla says:

    hey i really want some all of my friends are dip dyeing their hair i wanted to dip dye but this seams easier and faster much more convenient

  3. Lainey Light says:

    This stuff gets all over everything!!! After you apply it it will stain your clothes or skin whatever it is touching. Another things if if you touch your hair in anyway it will then get all over your hair. If it is raining or even really humid or if you sweat the chalk will run down your face clothes skin etc and make an even bigger mess! You would have the same effect if you just ran side walk chalk down your hair. I suggest either just buying side walk chalk from Walmart b/c it is much cheaper or just dye you hair and or tips of your hair. This product is a COMPLETE waste of time an money!!!

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. person says:

    should i go for it?

  6. Crystal. says:

    😀 I want this so bad!!

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