Gorgeous Summer Hair

By Devin Michael Fox
Artistic director, Madison Avenue Salon and Spa

Your new hair mantra: “Less is more,” says Devin Michael Fox, artistic director and Redken-certified colorist at Madison Avenue Salon and Spa in Phoenix, who urges his clients to keep it simple when it comes to their locks this season. Read on for a sneak peek into the newest trends in cuts and color.

Go for straightforward style

Last year, textured hair was everywhere, but this time, ask your stylist to ditch the razor cut and go for a more sleek, structured look, he says. “Were doing more blunt cuts — but with softer edges. It gives you some fringe, in an easy-going but sophisticated way.” The good news about a back-to-basics style: It’s not only easier to maintain at home, but you can go longer in between appointments, too.

Grow it out

Short styles are still hot, but the in-between bob, like Victoria Beckham, is having a moment in the spotlight. If you’re rocking a medium-length ‘do, keep your ends smooth by applying a dab of Redken Outshine 01 Anti-Frizz Polishing Milk ($17) on the last half-inch of hair, advises Fox. “It seals split ends and smooths out frizzies — but won’t weigh tresses down.”

Try loose waves

On a small section of hair, pull a flat iron through strands while simultaneously running a round brush on the underside of that same section. (So, one hand will hold the iron, while the other will control the brush.) “This gives a similar, wavy effect as a hot roller,” says Fox. Repeat on remaining areas. To help strands shine, spritz on a heat-protector like Redken Iron Silk 07 Ultra-Straightening Spray ($12.50) prior to styling.

Experiment with color

“Young starlets are loving the natural ash shades right now — think Kristen Stewart in Adventureland,” he says. “It’s a bit darker, bordering on a khaki color, but when you’re outside, the sun just brings out this incredible warm shade.” Carmel tones are also flattering, he says, and make for a great base shade should you decide to go for lighter highlights in the summer.

Sticking with blonde? Keep your shade true with an at-home color-deposit treatment, like Redken Blonde Glam Rich Vanilla ($17), which is formulated with grapefruit extract to improve tone and mica to lend a subtle shimmer.

Take care of your tresses

No one will notice a great cut or color if it’s gone dull and drab. To keep hair looking its best, shield it from the elements. Before hitting the pool, apply Redken Color Extend Total Recharge ($16). It leaves a nice layer of protection against UVA and UVB rays — top color-fading culprits — and keeps out excess moisture, salt, and chlorine, all of which suck the lift out of strands.

To get your tresses ready for summer, visit Madison Avenue Salon and Spa in Chandler and Phoenix.

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