Girls Night In

Need a relaxing night at home with the girls? Plan a girls night in spa party!

Who needs smoky bars, pricey food and cheap pick-up lines when you can hang with the girls? This party calls for comfy jammies, chick flicks, gooey homemade spa treatments, the munchiest of munchies and a heap o’ chitchat. Invite a small crowd of girlfriends and prepare to chill.

Here’s what you need for a girls night in spa party!


Make space

Whether it’s around a table or on couches and chairs in front of the television, arrange a comfy sitting area for each girl complete with a hand towel, hair band and a sprig of fresh lavender or rosemary. Have gentle facial cleanser, makeup remover and cotton balls handy.


Welcome the girls with a cocktail but also have ice cold water spiked with fresh citrus available too. Serve the pretzels and popcorn during movie time.



Plop your clean, fresh faces in front of the TV for chick flick time!

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