Friday Night Throwdown

Friday’s rolled around once again and you’re too pooped to party but need some weekend ventilation. Wrangle in the troops for some quality TGIF hang time with the girls!

Roll Call

Send a holler to the girls with a groovy invite from


Start by having the girls wash off their daytime drudge with a mild facial cleanser. Have plenty of hand towels ready and let them choose the mask best for their skin type. You can whip up the masks together or have them pre-made and the recipes printed out for the girls to take home. Have the Eye Brake for Spuds pre-made and once the girls have slathered on their masks, have them sit back with the bud bouquets over their eyes while their masks do their thing for about 10 minutes. Follow with toner and spend the evening doodling with the Mendhi tattoos.

Friday Night Fare

Whip up some these enlightening bites (or order takeout!):

Serve the sorbet with fortune cookies (order custom cookies at Tankinz Noodle Company or regular ones from The House of Rice Store).

Breaking the Ice

Since gossip is out, and “getting real” is in (thank you, Dr. Phil), use your fortunes to stimulate some inward-focused conversation. Have each girl read her fortune aloud and comment on how it might be relevant to her life. And if that doesn’t work, gossip.

Good Grooves

Set the background vibe with:

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