Doody Free Baby Shower

Ready to trade diapers with fake doody (Snickers bars will never be the same) for an afternoon of full-on pampering with the girls? Here’s a great way to celebrate your girlfriend’s blooming belly without putting everyone through another games and gifts routine. (Psst … Keep this in mind for bridal showers too!)


Get out the word with online baby shower invitations from or check out the adorable printed invites from Polka Dot Design.


Okay baby shower hostess, you’re on! Gather up all the ingredients for the three luscious face masks and in your best Julia Child impression, whip up all three with an explanation as to how each mask works. Start by having each girl use a disposable cleansing cloth to remove dirt and makeup and then chose her mask. Have plenty of towels, hair holders and application brushes available. Once everyone has removed their masks with warm water, have each follow up with a light application of toner and moisturizer. Then, chow and chat!


Party Favors

Tie pink, yellow or blue ribbons around a Pint-Sized Burt’s Bees Buttermilk Bath Soak or Buttermilk Soap.

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