Celebrate National Yoga Month with a Free Week of Downward Dogs!

With long work weeks and busy schedules it’s easy to let exercise and healthy living take a back seat. If you’ve been meaning to bush up on your downward-facing dogs or looking for a new way to kick your lifestyle into shape, September marks the official month of yoga.

Produced by The Yoga Health Foundation, Yoga Month is a world-wide phenomenon aimed at inspiring all ages and fitness levels to hit the mat. As one of the oldest known forms of movement, yoga is famous for physical benefits like increased strength and flexibility and has even been linked to lowering stress and high blood pressure risk. If that isn’t enough to get you wound up into a pretzel, yoga also eases symptoms of depression and fatigue and encourages healthy lifestyle choices and weight management.

Throughout the month of September, Yoga Month is inviting all fitness levels to experience an entire week of yoga free at select studios. From the new Blissful Yoga Studio in Glendale, Sumits Yoga in Scottsdale and At One Yoga in Phoenix, Arizona alone has 16 participating locations.

Jumpstart a healthy, more balanced routine with the 2009 Yoga Month by signing up for a free week during the month of September at your chosen studio. Get your pass, studio locations and invite friends and family to get involved at YogaMonth.org.

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