Archives for February 2008

Lash Out

Lashes have come a long way baby. From the silent-screen hotties of the 20s who gobbed on clumpy lash thickeners, to the mile-long falsies that defined the 60s, lashes have always been hot. And while mascara formulations and tools have advanced significantly with the times, the look of full, flirty eyelashes has defied time and […]

Beauty and the Bling

The holidays may have skipped town but glimmery, shimmery glamour never goes out of season. A hint of shimmer here and a splash of sparkle there keeps skin looking younger and the spirit feeling lighter. Spa Jewelry: From Big Red Bling, the 18-inch SpaGirl necklace shows off your true spa girl spirit. Rhodium chain with […]

Body Scrubs: Rub It, Don't Snub It

A healthy, all-over glow starts with a scrub in the shower once a week. Your skin will look radiant if you routinely exfoliate away the dull, dead cells that build up on its surface. But there are all types of scrubs … which do you choose? Scrubs and other spa therapies have moved from the […]

Valentine's Day Spa Specials

Spoil yourself or spread the spa love with these smokin’ hot Valentine’s Day special offers. Hurry, there’s only a limited time to get down with these sweet deals because cupid is right around the corner! Sweet Heart Special at Fuchsia, Mesa: Feel sweet all over with a triple cocoa and cane sugar body scrub topped […]

Behind the Box: An Interview with Dean and Davis Factor of Smashbox

In the cosmetics biz, the illusive pursuit of natural beauty is what pushes product. Yet the founders of Smashbox Cosmetics, Dean and Davis Factor, have taken the approach that natural is overrated. Flawless, now that’s hot. Whether it’s their healthy following within the L.A. celebrity circles or an inherited passion for face paint — their […]

2 Super Simple Steps for Age-Proofing Your Face

We all want the newest biggest baddest lotions, peels, injections, light therapies, whatever to keep our skin young and fresh, prolonging the inevitable. Happily, I have two simple solutions to age-proof your face that is as close as your bathroom cabinet. First, you can keep years off your face by just cleansing twice a day. […]