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Behind the Mask

Masks are so enjoyable that you almost forget that they work as a super fast delivery system with concentrated active ingredients. If you are exfoliating, cleansing or re-hydrating your skin, you get a more dramatic result quickly. Masks come in many formulations for all skin types and for different functions, so you need to select […]

Arizona Super Bowl Spa Guide

Arizona is home to more than just 2008’s biggest football bash. That’s right sports fans! Dotted among the groomed greens, the mountain trails and the mega sports venues, the Grand Canyon state is home to some of the top destinations in the country for unadulterated relaxation. And many of those blissful spots are just a […]

Salty Dish Soak

Epsom Salt Bath

A super soothing bath soak for tired muscles and a racing mind! Use the entire mixture in the bathtub or just a few scoops as a foot soak. Pack into a pretty jar for a great gift. Here's what you need: 2 heaping cups of Epsom Salt 2 teaspoons jojoba or almond oil 8 to […]

Got Mud?

Mud packs and baths were used by the Romans as far back as 120 B.C. to heal wounds. Today, mud is still used medicinally in European spa clinics as an effective treatment for arthritis, rheumatism and pulled muscles. The heat together with the chemical composition of a specific mud or clay can be remarkably powerful. […]

Merry Little Meltdown

It came upon a midnight clear. A knot the size of the North Pole at the nape of your neck. Unwind from the holiday season with a merry little meltdown at one of these Valley massage spots. Beyond Massage Therapy, Phoenix Body walking may not be your typical massage but then again, deep aches call […]

Being Bobbi Brown

A Q&A with makeup mogul Bobbi Brown. She could be any typical East Coast mom. With her hair swept up in a ponytail and dressed casually in all black, this working wife and mother oozes with the relaxed grace of someone comfortable in her own skin. And she should be. Makeup artist Bobbi Brown has […]