Archives for November 2006

Sunny Side Hand Conditioner

This citrus-spiked hand oil replenishes moisture in parched, overly dry hands. Keep it next to the kitchen sink and rub onto knuckles frequently! Here’s what you need: 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil (organic preferably) 5 to 7 drops orange essential oil Here’s what you do: Shake the oils together thoroughly in small glass jar […]

Mind Over Meltdown Soap

Whipping up a few bars of your own soap is about as easy as making “homemade” chocolate-chip cookies (fresh from the cold section of your local grocery store). And the best part? You can’t eat soap (well, you can but we wouldn’t recommend it). Break out these homemade soaps when you want something pretty in […]

Markey's Funny Bone Rub

Possibly the unsung heroes of our bodies, elbows take on a heap of wear and tear. They prop up our heads when our necks give out, absorb the shock of a rogue tennis swing and even catch us when our stiletto heel breaks and sends us sprawling on the sidewalk. Inspired by Garden of Wisdom […]