What’s in Your Beauty Bag Mrs. Arizona America?

Beauty Queen Kirin Christianson

Bombshell beauty queen and founder of Red Haute MamaKirin Christianson is one busy mama! Along with her official duties as Mrs. Arizona America 2012, Kirin juggles life as a wife, mom to two little ones and host to a foreign exchange student with her work as a FORD model, public speaker and Dress for Success spokesperson. How does this Red Haute Mama manage to do all that and keep that trademark flawless glow? Kirin was gracious enough to share the contents of her makeup bag with us as well a few priceless beauty tips. Read on for the scoop!

What are the three (or five!) beauty products that you never leave home without? 

1) Mascara – Right now, I’m loving Cover Girl Lashblast Mega Volume Waterproof in “Very Black.” (Waterproof mascara is great because it is less likely to smudge and if you cry at silly commercials/movies/books like I do, then waterproof mascara is a must.) And Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof is a great standby. I always keep it on hand.

2) Lip liner – I love neutrals. Kevin Aucoin’s “Bare” is my all-time favorite because it isn’t too brown or too pink.

3) Lip gloss – Living in this dry climate, dry lips are especially problematic. I tend to have lip gloss in every car and every purse, as well as three to five in my makeup bag. My favorite colors are MAC Plushglass “Big Kiss,” Chanel Levres Scintillantes “No. 109 Big Bang” and The Perfect Face “Barbie” to give me a variety of looks for whatever mood I’m in – or whatever job I’m going to.

We’re guessing your duties as Mrs. Arizona America keep you on the go! What tips do you have for freshening up your hair and/or makeup between your appearances?

Buy a hairbrush from a wig store. They are the best at keeping static and flyaways at bay. The Wet Brush Detangler is great and they make a travel size in fabulous colors. Oil blotting papers and lip gloss are also must-haves.

What skincare products would you say are the most instrumental in keeping your skin so young and flawless?

Jan Marini and Obaji products are great, but THE BEST skin secret I use is not something you put on your skin. It’s a recipe my husband, Dr. Alan Christianson came up with and I call it “Beauty Juice.” You mix spinach, celery, tomatoes, carrots and blueberries with water in a blender and drink at least one every day. NOTHING makes your skin glow more radiantly than Beauty Juice! (The University of St. Andrews did a study where they found students who ate foods higher in carotenoids , like carrots and tomatoes, were found to be rated as more attractive than if they just had a tan, or a normal diet. They had a healthy glow that couldn’t be duplicated by external products.)

Any beauty tricks that you’ve learned as a model that we can use for our holiday photos this year?

Shave the fine hairs off your face. It makes your makeup glide on and gives you a smother more porcelain skin quality to your photos. Be sure to use men’s razors since women’s razors have the moisture strip, which could irritate your skin or cause you breakouts.

What’s your all-time favorite spa treatment?

A massage at Joya Spa, followed by lunch on the pool deck overlooking Camelback Mountain, and then an hour chilling in the “Whisper Room.”

How do you relax?

Relaxing is one of the hardest things for me to do with my full schedule. So I’ll sneak a few minutes to relax whenever I can. Sometimes it’s making myself sit down to watch a 20 minute tv show I’ve TiVo’d while eating lunch on the couch (shhh, don’t tell my kids). Other times, it’s taking a two-hour bath with Epsom salts and a piece of toffee from Goody Twos.

For more beauty secrets and tips from Kirin Christianson, visit redhautemama.com.

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  1. BTW, I have to confess I was totally ashamed of the fact that I shaved my face. I felt like it was a big secret that I couldn’t share with anyone….that is until I read my friend Shelley Goodstein’s book, “Face This.”

    She’s a fellow FORD Model who has modeled for Cover Girl and Olay and she was the first one I’ve ever heard be unapologetic about women shaving their faces. So even though I was doing it, I didn’t feel comfortable sharing that tip until I read her book. Truthfully, she’s the one responsible for allowing me to feel confident in sharing that tip with you. Thank you Shelley!


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