Tame Your Mane with the Brazilian Blowout Hair Treatment

When our curly-headed spa girl, Alexis, returned from a trip to L.A. with the sleekest, straightest and healthiest-looking locks we’d ever set our eyes on, we were determined to find out her secret. It didn’t take much to shake it out of her (or to get her to shake her shiny, gorgeous hair). She had treated her mane to the super trendy Brazilian Blowout — a hair treatment once the secret weapon of Hollywood A-listers like Halle Berry, Nicole Richie and Jennifer Aniston.

Now available at salons nationwide, the Brazilian Blowout is the shortest distance between you and a head full of smooth, shiny, frizz-free tresses. So what’s the catch? We set to find out and spoke with Jordana Lorraine, a stylist who’s been in the hair biz for more than 15 years and a certified Brazilian Blowout specialist since 2008.

According to Jordana, the Brazilian Blowout treatment actually improves the condition of your hair because it creates a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle. She says that your first step in the process is to find a Brazilian Blowout-certified stylist who is experienced and comfortable with your particular hair type. Before you book the service, she suggests setting up a no-commitments consultation. “This should be free and quick, and will give you an idea of the stylist’s confidence and professionalism,” she notes.

Here’s her answers to our barrage of questions.

What types of hair does the treatment work best with?

“The Brazilian Blowout can work on any hair type, but it gives different results based on the beginning state.  Extremely curly hair will drop to a softer, more defined curl and be easier/faster to blow out; ringlets will become waves that can be blown straight with minimal effort; wavy hair will become straight but maintain a natural look. All hair types will benefit from softer, shinier hair and virtually no frizz!  Fine hair, and hair that is colored or highlighted will have a more dramatic result than coarse and/or virgin hair. In the case of extremely curly/kinky hair, it is especially important to seek a stylist who has experience not only with the product but with your hair type.”

How long does the Brazilian Blowout process take?

“Approximately 90 minutes in most cases and up to 2 hours for longer, thicker or very curly hair.”

What is an average price range for the treatment?

“Pricing will depend on hair length, thickness and texture. The cost for an average head of hair will be around $350 in most salons.”

How long does the treatment last?

“Most people (including me) repeat their Brazilian Blowout about every 3 months to maintain consistent results. But since it fades away slowly, rather than getting an obvious line of ‘roots’ growing in, you have the freedom to go back to natural or redo it whenever you choose.”

Does the Brazilian Blowout damage your hair?

“Not at all! Having a Brazilian Blowout is like laminating a conditioning treatment onto your hair. It will be stronger, shinier, softer and resistant to split ends.”

Does the product contain any harmful chemicals?

“No; however, sensitive clients may want to request an allergy test in advance. This will involve placing a small amount of the solution on the skin behind your ear and covering it with a band-aid. You will know within an hour or two if you are sensitive to the product; if it causes itching or irritation, remove promptly and clean with soap and warm water. If this happens, you probably shouldn’t receive the treatment (this will occur in only a fraction of a percent of individuals).”

Will I still be able to curl my hair after having a Brazilian Blowout?

“You bet.  This treatment does not straighten your hair to the point of stiffness, like some others. You will be able to use a round brush, rollers, or curling iron to style your hair as desired.”

I need color, cut and a Brazilian Blowout.  What order should I do them in?

“You’ll want to have your color done first, then the Brazilian Blowout, then a cut. Brazilian Blowout is best over fresh color, and cannot be colored for two weeks after (as long as color is done first, there is no waiting period; we often do it all in one day). You should have the cut last, so it an be shaped to complement your new hair texture.”

More frequently asked questions about Brazilian Blowouts.

For treatment after-care, Jordana had these suggestions:

  • Cleanse and condition with the Brazilian Blowout Acai Aftercare, a line is specially formulated with active ingredients that enhance results with every use.
  • Treat your hair to an occasional home spa treatment with the Acai Deep Conditioning Masque. Shampoo first, then apply the mask and leave in for 15-20 minutes, adding heat if possible (such as sitting in a sauna, jacuzzi or hot bath).
  • Don’t shampoo too often (2-3 times per week is sufficient for most people).
  • Rinse hair with tap water before and after swimming in the ocean or a pool.

Where to get the Brazilian Blowout or Keratin smoothing treatments in greater Phoenix:

Current Brazilian Blowout special offers on Arizona Spa Girls.

For more salons in your neighborhood that offer the Brazilian Blowout, visit www.brazilianblowout.com.


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