Queen Bee Tub Teas

diy bath soak

A DIY skin-softening milk bath fit for a queen. In my home, I go by many names—Princess of the Pooper Scooper, Lordess of the Laundry, Diva of the Dishwasher. But the name I answer to most often is Queen Bee (at least in my mind anyway). When all heck breaks loose and you need to […]

Deep Steep Tub Teas

A soothing home spa soak. Soak cares and muscle aches away with this calming bathtub remedy laced with tea and aromatic essential oils. Epsom salt is a naturally-occurring mineral that soothes achy muscle. Loaded with antioxidants, the green tea not only nourishes skin but also acts as an astringent to shrink pores and can fight inflammation. And of […]