Spa Bridal Showers

Been anointed with the joyous position of maid or matron of honor? As second in command only to the bride and the occasional wedding planner, you are the official high-ranking queen of pink taffeta, last-minute mascara touch-ups, teary-eyed wedding toasts and most importantly, the bridal shower. And for a party worthy of your title, a […]

Rules of Engagement: Spa Getaways that Squash Pre-Wedding Stress

Pre-wedding day spa getaways in Phoenix, Los Angeles and Las Vegas that squash stress. Legend has it that among the Ibos villagers of West Africa, tradition stipulated that a bride spend her engagement fattening up to elephantine proportions. Come wedding day, if she wasn’t chubby enough, the groom could nix the nuptials. Alas, our idea […]