DIY Hair: Your Biggest Hair Woes Solved!

diy summer hair treatments

Sun, wind, chlorine and dry temps can sap your hair of its vibrance. Kick back with these DIY summer hair beauty recipes!  Is your hair dried, fried and green from chlorine? Summer can take its toll on your tresses but never fear … cheap, easy and darn effective solutions are right here! These do-it-yourself masks and treatments can […]

Sunny’s Tired Tootsies Remedy

A soothing, at home spa treatment for feet. Daily grind wreaking havoc on your feet? This recipe is just what the Spa Girl ordered. This simple, at-home aromatherapy  treatment for feet is the perfect prescription for sore soles. Before you go to bed tonight, rub it in and give those tired tootsies what they want and need. Here’s […]