Blemish Busters from Dr. Leslie Baumann

Acne Solutions

Acne solutions from dermatologist and author Leslie S. Baumann, M.D. Internationally renowned board certified dermatologist and New York Times best‐selling author Dr. Leslie Baumann took time from her busy schedule to answer our most pressing acne questions. Here, she debunks a few common misconceptions and offers a few tips in the battle against breakouts. 1. […]

Face, Don't Fail Me Now! Clear Skin Mask

A parsley facial mask for congested skin. Here’s the mask to use when you need a fix-me-up before a big night out (or after a crazy week!). Parsley is a natural cleanser and helps to release impurities from pores. Honey imparts hydration while milk gently removes dead skin. Together, the trio nourishes, heals and gives skin […]