Life Beyond the Spa: Local Lily's Guide to Summer

Apparently, there’s more to life than just planning your next spa day. A girl’s gotta eat, right? In celebration of the first official day of summer and all things other than spa, we tapped the gals at Local Lily for the best in local living including where to nosh, shop and experience the Valley in all its sizzling summer glory.

Check out The Guide to an Arizona Summer that Doesn’t Suck (yes, they said it!) and sweat out the summer Local Lily style! Download your FREE copy at

Lily’s got the goods on basement bars, wine cellars and speakeasies where you can cool your core. Discover new ways to save a kid from house arrest with entertaining indoor diversions. And shop local boutiques across the Valley for summer staples like hats and effortless linen wear.

And here’s yet another nifty thing about this handy guide … You can text LOCALS to 69302 to view the ebook on your iphone (those Local Lily girls are smart!). If you’re an Android or Blackberry user, you may need to download a pdf viewer.

Happy first day of summer and here’s to a fun and sweat-free one!

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