Boys Just Wanna Have Fun: A Home Spa Day for the Guys

DIY Spa Day for the Guys

A DIY spa day for the guys.

He’s dashing, sensitive and a gift to all womankind, but he could certainly learn a thing or two about the art of grooming. Help your guy, and his pack of fun-loving Martians, learn the basics of good grooming by throwing a men’s spa party. And for just a few hours of manly, sports-free fun (okay, we’ll work in sports somehow), show the boys that contrary to what they might think, plucking ear hairs does not constitute a personal pampering regimen. Great to do on a rainy day when the cable’s out!

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Bring out his inner mixologist with these easy, effective home spa treatments.

Game Plan

Have the boys start fresh by using disposable cleansing cloths to absorb dirt and oil from their faces. Then have them exfoliate, mask, tone and apply a moisturizer. Make sure to have plenty of clean towels available (boys are messy!) and familiar tools like paint brushes, plastic putty knives and metal bowls to mix and apply their potions. And be prepared to help them — they know not what they do! If you have a paraffin wax hand spa, have them dip in their hands, cover with plastic liners and barbeque grill mitts (or boxing gloves!).

Manly Munchies


Just turn on the sports channel and give them the remote. Done.

Do Him a Favor

Send the boys home with something to remember their experience by packaging up their homemade concoctions in to-go bags along with a few surprises like skincare product samples.

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